The Deadre War

By Roby Ward

Fantasy | eBook

There is nothing good about insanity, except when it keeps you alive. Terish Dozzrine is a person who has sought ultimate knowledge, and gained it only to have the information overwhelm his mind. Further, he is not alone, but a whole group of beings exist in that state. When Terish however finds himself regaining rational thought, the other insane intelligences want him dead to restore what they consider the proper order of things. One advantage that Terish has are friends willing to work with him. Most also are listed among the immortals, although chased other dreams than ultimate knowledge. Hoping to restore a friend and help Terish gain another truth of how the omniverse operates, they unite to take the fight to those who hope to make all live surrounded by only the irrational having ultimate power.

Roby Ward has been writing for a number of years with some stories now showing their age. Other tales however have improved with time. While the Terish Dozzrine tales started simple, they now offer a wonderful foundation for a number of tales. It all started with "The Deadre War," and luckily it still shows enough quality to be shared.




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