The Dissolution

By Hector Jr.

Paranormal, Romance, Action & adventure, Fantasy | eBook

With the supernatural and human world vying for war, Raizel is forced to answer the call of the Elders' and leaders of the human race. A prophecy uttered long ago to not just Raizel, but to his siblings, that the Earth would be destroyed by Lucius' and Terion, the progenitors of all life is coming to fruition. As events and moments lid up to the end, Michaeli, Raido, Emeris, Roel, and two of Raizel's siblings join together to save all life on Earth, but it becomes apparent that it's not possible. In the end, the only choice they have is to survive.

A close friend of Charles Prime, Hector is a budding author and an attending student in a college somewhere. A riveting fan of horror and fiction, when Hector is not doing scholarly work, he is reading and writing (or thinking of what to read and write). Living in Texas, in an old neighborhood, with several cats and dogs, plus a poodle inside, he welcomes you to follow along and peer at his work.




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