The Fruit Picker

By Bea Eschen

Action & adventure, Crime & mystery, General fiction, Religion & spirituality, Travel, Thriller, Romance, Short stories | Paperback, eBook

Sebastian is tired of feeling misunderstood by his parents and friends. He is gay and it urges him to break out of his everyday life and experience the world in a different light. An opportunity arises to work as a fruit picker in Australia. He immediately embarks on an adventurous journey, during which he gets to know Australia in all its facets; from the rigid Australian court system to the depths of the Aboriginal spiritual world.

Bea Eschen was born in June 1964 and raised in Freudenberg, Germany, by her German parents. She grew up with her three siblings. Bea left Germany at the age of 19. There were many reasons for her emigration, ranging from boredom and opportunity to a nagging wanderlust. During the next decades Bea lived, studied and worked on three continents; South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. Presently she and her husband live in Sydney.


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Bea Eschen

Bea Eschen

30 January at 04:32

From the author, Bea Eschen: It was a wonderful time when I wrote The Fruit Picker. Finally I had a chance to write about my impressions about Australia. I disguised myself as Sebastian, a young vulnerable person from Germany - my home country. His homosexuality became an expression of his otherness; his struggle of being different in the first place, and a stranger in a new environment. Yet he is very sensible and in search of companionship and acceptance. Alongside his story I enjoyed learning about the way of life of the Aborigines, the Australian court system, and listening to my editor's stories about growing up in post-war Sydney (Jan Carroll, author of She is heavy - she is my mother). Also, Sebastian's journey ends in Sydney; the Sydney as I know it today.

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