The Lords of Heaven

By Malcolm Powell

Sci-Fi | Paperback, eBook

Grace Turnbull is a tough girl. Born and brought up in the city of Glasgow, she had to be tough. As tough as she is, this didn’t help her when she along with countless others from all over the Earth was abducted. They weren’t abducted by aliens they were abducted by Humans, why? Taken to a planet called Heaven, not a place for Angels, the trusting, or the weak, on Heaven they were put through rigorous brutal military training, to do battle with what? Heaven had surprises. It had shrubs that could detect good or evil thoughts and react, grass that could strip the flesh from your bones, plus something the new inhabitants just couldn’t put their finger on. Would Grace along with the other abductees survive or succumb, to the hardships set by her abductors. Or would Heaven have the last laugh?

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