The Memory Keepers

By Nina Waddington

General fiction, Magical realism, Young adult | Paperback

They always loved it when they noticed those symbols and how they sparked memories of loved ones now gone. Sometimes it was a song, or sometimes it was a smell. Or simple words written on a page. Beautiful coincidences, they had always assumed. Kelton only learned in the moment of his death that these symbols existed at all. A flashing memory put him back in high school, on a stormy winter’s day, watching the girl he loved. “Maybe death is just a crossroad,” she had said. “Maybe, there isn’t an end. But a new beginning.” Kelton had been lucky, rewarded with a second chance and a job of the most incredible importance. He was now sent on complicated tasks to leave symbols for people who’d lost a loved one. Those symbols weren’t coincidences after all. They were the work of The Memory Keepers.

Nina Waddington lives in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada with two daughters. She has a BA in Honours Creative Writing and a Bachelor of Education. This is her first novel. She loves the outdoors and is connected to water, loves to canoe, or snorkel through a coral reef. She enjoys getting people to think and question. To notice all the beautiful things in the world AND, is ALWAYS up for a cup of tea.


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