The Outcast

By Alexander BusyBrain

Fantasy | eBook

It was a hot night, Ego was having dinner outside. Her son Osundu who was now four years of age was playing on the sand not far from her under the watchful eyes of Oluchukwu. He was a healthy baby full of life, had big beautiful eyes that when he takes a look at you, it feels like he is looking into your soul. His burnish complexion was the only thing he took from his mother. Oluchukwu had previously carried him from the ground wanting to back him but he refused violently crying that he should be left free to play. Ego who does not like seeing him cry for any reason quickly asked her to put him back down. Some moments after, he stood up, slowly walked to his mother laughing. He stood beside her and called out “Nne?” “Hmmm!” she responded not looking at him as she was busy devouring a big piece of goat meat.

Alexander BusyBrain is a graduate of Educational Management and Economics. He is an entrepreneur, a model, a motivational speaker, and a lover of the paranormal. He believes there is more to this life than what meets the eyes. He makes sure to explore the paranormal and mysteries of this world in all his works.


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