The Unsung

By Harley J. Sims

Fantasy, Literary fiction, Action & adventure | Paperback, eBook

The Unsung is a work of literary epic fantasy, taking the most popular and cherished elements of the genre--an immersive alternate world, an adventuring party of wannabe heroes, monster-slaying, magic, and a kingdom of Men under siege by otherworldly forces--and bringing them to life with the kind of writing that lifelong fantasy readers crave but rarely find. Fantasy is a mode of storytelling that hooks us during childhood, but which often seems increasingly juvenile as we grow up. It gets hard to hold on to. The Unsung seeks not simply to make the old new again, but to make the youthful mature--to give readers of fantasy, and especially its seasoned core fans, an experience both meaningful and rejuvenating.

Harley J. Sims is a wayward Western Canadian. Emerging from the woods of British Columbia, he chased his love of writing down a rabbit hole, climbing out in Toronto ten years later with three academic degrees. Now back where he belongs, he sincerely hopes he’s stolen enough fire from the gods to make it worth his readers’ while.




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