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Kenneth George

Kenneth George

22 March at 10:02

The Unsold Child
Is a detective Novel in which Inspector Deverson finds himself dealing with the aftermath of dark dealings where children are bought and sold. As he uncovers a string of historical murders he learns that unless he can stop it, there are more to come.



27 June at 11:27

Of 'Wood, Talc and Mr. J' :

"This is an extraordinarily original writer seemingly with an endless ability to dislocate the image until the cartilage gleams in the joints of small agonies."

Dani T.

Dani T.

11 November at 20:54

This is a great book! If you like jules verne, conan doyle etc. you'll like this book, 'The Alien Stone' by Barry Uglow. Classic historical fiction with a modern Alien conspiracy twist. Very well written and knowledgeable author

Garry Abbott

Garry Abbott

10 May at 11:27

Hello! I'm a UK author (Staffordshire to be precise) - and just released my first short story collection - good luck to all the other Brits out there!

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