Books featuring quintessentially British humour

British humour is shaped by the relative stability of British society and carries a strong element of satire aimed at "the absurdity of everyday life". Themes include the class system and sexual taboos; common techniques include puns, innuendo and intellectual jokes. Sarcasm and self-deprecation, often with deadpan delivery, permeates British humour. Humour may be used to bury emotions in a way that seems cold or aloof to other cultures. Jokes are told about everything and almost no subject is taboo, though often a lack of subtlety when discussing controversial issues is considered crass.

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27 June at 11:29

Of 'Wood, Talc and Mr. J' :

"You have to admire an author who can pour this much of his brain and guts on a page and make a coherent collage or pictures depicting multiple meanings."

"Part of me wonders if A Clockwork Orange had been written by Monty Python it might have looked more like this... I don't know. Just read the book. The experience is well-worth it."

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