Funny Mysteries and Crime Fiction

Crime is no laughing matter -- except in the hands of these authors, who manage to bring a light touch to dark side of life with quirky characters and outrageous plot twists.

Chris Well

AJ Causeway

AJ Causeway

31 January at 12:41

The Last Toke is a black humor/ crime/ road novel

Norman E. Morrison

Norman E. Morrison

27 May at 15:27

THE RYO LODGE... The ultimate humorous southern crime novel. That's quite a statement, but I believe the book will hold up to it. In 1969 a criminal fleeing Tennessee lands in Cowchip Alabama. He goes on to found the most powerful criminal organization of all time, the RYO Corporation. It all begins in Cowchip Alabama at the RYO Lodge. Ostensibly, a "hunting lodge" it's actually a setup to entice rich and powerful clients to visit so that the RYOCorp can blackmail them later. And all of this with a totally challenged and dangerous cast of characters that you'll come to love. Have a look, won't you? It's monstrous southern crime fun!

Norman E. Morrison

Norman E. Morrison

27 May at 15:15

Funny crime mysteries are hard to bring off correctly. The danger is that they might sound silly. How do you put the menace in the chortle? Well, I believe I have produced just the right balance for you with Mr. Poppin's Basement Improvement. My hope is that you'll give the poor old scutter a chance. He's one of my challenged crew of dangerous characters living in or near the fabled town of Cowchip Alabama. Just pop "cowchip" into the search box to see all my fine Cowchip Alabama books. I thank you! Your fan, Norm on, the official website of Cowchip Alabama!

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