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Robert Blakeley

Joel Thimell

Joel Thimell

4 June at 19:40

If I say the name, "Lot," what picture comes to your mind? If you're like many Christians, I suspect it's a villain or a fool, at best. And the Genesis narrative can easily be read that way. So why did Peter describe Lot as a "righteous man" who "was tormented in his righteous soul by the lawless deeds he saw and heard?"

I don't have a simple one sentence answer to that question. Instead I wrote a biblical novel titled, "Long Road Out of Ur." My hope is that readers will see that the God of the Old Testament is full of love, compassion and grace for rebels like Lot and me, just as He is in the New Testament.

James L Hill

James L Hill

14 July at 03:51

What follows is a rare interview with the reclusive Morris Johnson also known as Bulletproof Johnson and Mojo at an undisclosed location. He is the alleged leader of several street gangs in New York City and elsewhere, mob enforcer for the Rocci family, arms dealer, and drug trafficker. The interviewer has withheld his/her identity for his/her own safety.

Interviewer: What has gone wrong in the mind of Morris? When did it all start?

Morris: There is nothing wrong with my mind. Many people, friends and foes alike, think I am psychotic. They are wrong, I know right from wrong and I do whatever I must to get what I want. I am amoral. I have always been like this, but I guess I stopped caring when my brother was murdered. The police did nothing because life in the hood meant nothing.

Interviewer: Was there trauma that took place in your childhood to make you want to be a killer?

Morris: I don’t want to be a killer. Killing people is bad. When you kill someone a little of your soul dies with them. But if you don’t kill some people then they will come back to kill you. So I kill out of necessity. For survival, that’s the way it has always been.

Interviewer: People say crime does not pay; how do you feel about getting away with several crimes? Not being punished or suffering any legitimate consequences?

Morris: First of all, let me tell you this, there are always consequences. I think I paid the price for my actions with the blood of those I loved the most. So don’t say I didn’t suffer or I’ll rip your fuc… I paid dearly. And those people who say crime doesn’t pay, they are doing it wrong.

Interviewer: What could a person your age do with such an incredible amount of money that you got from robbing the delicatessen?

Morris: My alleged involvement in the delicatessen heist would not have set me up for life if that what you are getting at. Money is a tool; you make money to make more money. But that is not all there is to life, you must also be able to enjoy what the money buys, cars, boats, houses, drugs, or what the sense of doing any of it.

Interviewer: Why the decision to take drugs?

Morris: Drugs can bring you closer to God. It can open your mind to the things that are otherwise hidden by all the crap around you. Sometimes you need to shutout all that stuff and focus on what’s real, life and death.

Interviewer: What characteristics or qualities about a person make them loyal?

Morris: Honesty. That is the number one quality. If you can’t trust a person and they don’t trust you, and I mean you have to be able to trust each other with your life, then at some point they will turn on you. A lie between friends, any lie, is a deal breaker. You might as well put a bullet in that person’s head right now.

Interviewer: What is more worthwhile to you, love or money?

Morris: Love. Love will make you do some crazy shit. Money is easier to come by, you know its easy come easy go. But love, the kind you kill for, that may come once in a lifetime, if you are lucky.

Interviewer: Did you feel that falling in love may have changed your perspective and gave hope in a dark world?

Morris: Falling in love has changed my perspective of the world. It is no less dark, but I know that some love transcends this life, it is not bound by time or distance, those that love me, truly love me, and I them, will love me for eternity. In life and in death we share a bond that must be honored and defended. There is no ‘until death do us part’.

Interviewer: How do you effectively cope with death, even if it is caused by you?

Morris: When someone kills your friends you must do everything in your power to avenge them. Once you have even the score you can move on. If it is someone I allegedly killed, as long as they deserved it, I’m ok with it. But it is like I said before, when someone dies, whether you killed them or someone else did, they take a piece of your soul with them. And there is no getting that back.

Interviewer: Will there be a changed of venue in the future? Where will the future take Morris?

Morris: The world is wide open. Opportunities are everywhere. I will not limit myself to one city, one country, or one continent. I will take what I want wherever it may be. If I tell you anything more I’d have to kill you. You don’t want that.

Read the Killer Series, Killer With A Heart - Book 1 and Killer With Three Heads - Book 2 to see where Morris has been and where he is going.

Charles D. Blanchard

Charles D. Blanchard

16 June at 14:23

Hello. My name is Charles Blanchard. I would like to introduce my latest novel, Kingdom's End, for your pleasure.

Kingdom’s End is an adventure story where the main characters are rodents. The setting is an abandoned motion picture palace from the 1920s that has been closed for thirty years and is set for demolition. It is here where the characters make their massive colony and fight to protect it.

The story deals with their struggle to survive in a dark urban landscape and the threats posed against them from both man and beast. It is exciting and complex and an easy read with strong characters and narrative that makes you feel their plight.

There are many conflicts. Among them, a plot within the colony to overthrow the aged blind leader by an ambitious ruthless soldier and a good deal of the story involves how he goes about it. Later, the plot is discovered as forces work against the perpetrator.

The rodent characters have names. The human characters interspersed in the story are nameless.

There is considerable adventure outside the colony as characters are introduced that play important roles such as the derelict rats that specialize in the placement of poison and even a fortune teller. The interaction with humans and other animals has an emotional pull that infuses the story to its conclusion as the blind leader of the entrapped colony facing the exterminators tells his subjects they must make their decision on life or death.

I have dedicated the novel to Richard Adams, whose animal themed work has been an inspiration.

Earl Javorsky

Earl Javorsky

10 March at 22:15

Charlie Miner is deeply flawed. Not only is he a heroin addict, he's a dead one. When he wakes up at the LA county morgue, naked with a bullet in his head, it's time to go find out who who killed him. Check him out at

A. G. Betts

A. G. Betts

10 December at 21:13

Lewis is an unemotional killing machine, no fear, no remorse, no compassion, but the world world's fate might lay in him becoming the hero. Bright White Darkness trilogy - New York Shift

Jay Williams

Jay Williams

12 August at 21:47

What is honor? In Wings of Honor the killer believes he is upholding honor by killing less-skilled pilots who he believes do not belong in the skies. The main character, who cheats on his wife, cheats on his mistress and is ruthless in his business dealings believes he must uphold honor by taking the law into his own hands and hunt down the killer. But is this honor?

Colleen Gareau

Colleen Gareau

1 August at 22:50

A readers review of My Mother's Summer Vacations on Amazon: "A beautifully written story of mothers, daughters, and sisters--the differences that cause questions and pain, and the similarities that let them endure and love each other."

E.J. Nottingwood

E.J. Nottingwood

11 July at 02:52

"Zenith" by E.J. Nottingwood takes you to your average high school with your average female protagonist. Only, this female protagonist is in love with an abusive bully, who just so happens to be a female as well. Nova (the protagonist) is in love (unconditionally) with the person who hurts her, until the reader is practically shouting at her to get away - her love makes her flawed.

Joe Hnida

Joe Hnida

19 June at 21:14

The Taste of Metal: A Novel - Follow Jake has he drops to the deepest depths of Denver, Colorado's drug scene. He's flawed, but likeable. Check it out!

R.A. McCandless

R.A. McCandless

29 May at 20:33

People think they want to meet an angel, but they really don’t. The awful truth is that meeting an angel is the scariest, most life-altering moment of any mortal’s short existence. Angels have always had their voices raised in songs of praise and their wings dipped in rivers of blood. When the Throne needs a mortal slain, or an army felled, an angel is sent. When a city or nation needs to be leveled, and the ground sown with salt for a thousand years, an angel is the destroyer.

Norman E. Morrison

Norman E. Morrison

27 May at 15:02

Speaking of deeply flawed. Mr. Poppin of Mr. Poppin's Basement Improvement takes the cake. Well, he's not alone in the flaw department because he lives on the outskirts of Cowchip Alabama and ALL my Cowchip characters are deeply flawed. Ha! Have a peek and a knowing chortle, won't you?

James L Hill

James L Hill

17 May at 05:25

Do you know the penalty for stealing from the mafia? Do you know the price you’ll pay for seducing the mob boss’s daughter? Nicky ‘Nails’ Rocci and Morris ‘Mojo’ Johnson know and they are willing to risk it to get the respect they deserve.
In Killer With A Heart, the two teenagers will spark a mob war when Nicky Nails, the son of a New York mobster, leads his multi-racial gang to rob the Deliman’s money drop. His plan calls for Mojo Johnson, a black warlord from the rough streets of the South Bronx to distract Elizabeth, the mob boss’s daughter. Even though Nicky warns his friend not to, Morris seduces the mobster’s daughter whom he feels disrespected him. Mojo further complicates matters by killing the Deliman. The boys are immediately marked for death by the rival mob family and war ensues.

Donalie Beltran

Donalie Beltran

30 April at 15:51

MURDER IS A FAMILY AFFAIR is the bio/historical/true crime/thriller novel about my father's ancestry. The protagonists are the antagonists. I have been blessed with 37 5-star reviews since its release in November.

James L Hill

James L Hill

5 April at 04:40

My crime novels are all about the flawed people who live in the world not seen by most. They aspire to the lowest levels of humanity, or are driven there by those who underestimate them.

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