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Indie author of Paranormal Mystery Thriller books mixed with a hint of Romance and a bit of fright. It starts when we are children and night terrors are quickly dismissed as wild imagination. As teens, we trek through old cemeteries in search of the great beyond and as adults as we try to make sense of it all with our factually trained minds. Spooky things, people, places, scents and sounds together or alone can create a powerful adrenalin rush and it floods the senses. Darkness promotes fear simply because we cannot see what MIGHT be out there. Anticipation and excitement merely grow stronger as our mathematical minds try to find the logic in what we just heard or to crack the code in what we just witnessed. The more mysterious and frightening something becomes, the more we want to discover in order to compute the final answer to the obscurity that surrounds us. What better way to spend your time than by adding to or trying to solve a bit of fright. That is why I write. Thank you!




20 January at 00:34

Introducing my latest book, Shadows Of Guta. Thank you for following!

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