Twelve Upon a Time - Bedside Story Collection Series

By Edward Galluzzi

Children's, Picture books & comics | Paperback, eBook

"Twelve Upon a Time - Bedside Story Collection Series” are 12 colored printed and e-books (kindle) that span across the 12 months of the year. Each monthly story is unique and illustrated by the original drawings of children whose interpretation of the words can only be seen through their eyes. These stories are written to further the imagination of children and to strengthen the parent and child bond through the sharing of heartwarming, silly, absurd and believably impossible tales. The Bedside Story Collection Series invites parents and children to sit back, relax and cuddle up in that special place in their home, as they enjoy the adventures that unfold one month at a time for an entire year in Twelve Upon A Time...

To date, I have published the following books (all books available in print and eBook): “Mirror, Mirror at 1600 D.C.” "Beginnings" “Side Stepping the Rules: Broken or Not” “Twelve Upon A Time...” “Twelve Upon A Time... Bedside Story Collection Series" - 12 books for each month of the year in color As with all my books, I hope the reader enjoys the read as much as I enjoyed the write... Ed


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