Unbroken, Rise of the Masks 2

By EM Kaplan

Fantasy | Paperback, eBook

No broken promises. No matter the distance, no matter how much time has passed, Rav promised to return to her younger sister. Far south in the Red Desert, young Zunee was left in charge of their family. Now she must fend off evil warlords while trying to keep her younger sisters from starving in the harsh desertland. Mel and Ott make the arduous journey south to the Red Desert to help reunite the two sisters. But gods above, do the very elements conspire to keep the them apart?

Award-winning author, EM Kaplan, was an 80s kid, spoonfed on six channels of a VHF dial TV. She grew up reading Agatha Christie and Edgar Rice Burroughs in rural Arizona where there were no sidewalks but plenty of tumbleweeds. A former wannabe spy, trombonist, toilet-cleaner, beginner ninja, and subversive marketeer, she currently lives in the frozen north with her husband, author JD Kaplan, kids, and dog.


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