Waterloo Sunset

By Kenneth George

Romance, General fiction, New adult fiction | eBook

Sydney Parker is a business executive whose life is split between two completely separate worlds. In her London world, she is a party girl recapturing her youth. She lives with her young banker boyfriend, Sebastian. In Seattle, she has a loving family, Oliver who is a Math Professor and her daughter Abigail. Her two worlds are completely separate but Sebastian wants to be a man his father would be proud of, and he is starting to worry about her lack of commitment. In Seattle, Oliver is concerned that his wife is slipping away from him and tries to become the man she fell in love with years before. Sydney needs to control her two worlds to keep both relationships on track. Can she do it? Can she really have it all and still achieve her goal of being the youngest vice president in the history of Benson Phillips industries?

Kenneth George was born in Ashford Common Middlesex, more years ago than he cares to remember. He was educated at the local secondary modern school. He has three sons, two grandsons and one granddaughter. He currently lives in Dorset.


Justin Bienvenue

Justin Bienvenue

25 June at 02:58

One of the most exceptional and beautifully done covers I have ever seen.

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