Yako Finds His Home

By RJHutchinson

Children's, Picture books & comics | Paperback

Yako is a stuffed monkey doll who comes to life. A little girl finds him at a garage sale and brings him home as her new found friend. As days past with the two of them playing together, the little girl, named Emma, and her mother move to another home in another neighborhood. Yako gets lost in the moving activities and Emma finds that she has lost him. Emma is so sad that she has lost Yako and does not know where he is. Yako is also sad that he has lost his friend, Emma. Emma begs her mother to go back to their previous home to try and find Yako. Yako is found in a box that the moving service had left behind. Yako and Emma are once, again, back together to share in each others adventures. This book is a forst in a series of "Yako With His Storybook Friends".

RJHutchinson is a local author who publishes Children's books featuring the little stuffed monkey doll, Yako and Emma, along with their other friends. RJHutchinson is a self publishing author and has published the first book in a series and is currently publishing the second book in a series, as well as a coloring book that helps children learn the alphabet.


Robert James Hutchinson

Robert James Hutchinson

12 November at 01:56

Hello, I am a local author whose interest is in children's books.

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