Arcshine's Gap

By Cory D. Farris

Sci-Fi, General fiction | Paperback, eBook

Their society is kept in two, but she is left as one. Governed by unforgiving theocratic law and overseen by a cruel upper class, a society of twins casts out the one left behind when their other dies. Forced into this lower class by unspeakable tragedy Ellea struggles to raise her son, whose existence could renew society or tear it asunder. The story is set in a human society’s renaissance era on a planet similar to Earth with a breathtaking night sky. Gargantuan twin rings encircle the planet, while two moons and two suns pirouette their endless dance across the heavens. The denizens of the planet are always born as twins, one male, one female. “There are Two, there have always been Two, there shall always be Two.” - The Holy Elegy

Cory D. Farris is a video game artist turned sci-fi author. He's an avid student of astronomy and incorporates strange cosmology into his stories. His debut novel Arcshine's Gap asks the question "what if our sky was different?" How does the night sky affect a civilization? Examining the religious, economic, and societal impacts of an altered cosmology, to a somewhat dystopic effect.




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