Before the Swallow Dares

By Tony Whelpton

Literary fiction, General fiction | Paperback, eBook

What do you think your feelings would be if you met an old school friend forty years later – and discovered that he’s married to the girl you considered to be the love of your life when you were 18? And especially when you met her again and found her just as captivating as she used to be! So here you are with three women in your life: for, apart from your current wife, to whom you’ve been happily married for over 20 years, there is still your first wife, a vivacious and scheming Frenchwoman whose main objective in life appears to be to cause as much mayhem as possible! Love, friendship, lust, jealousy, guilt: the ingredients for an intriguing and potentially dangerous mix when the players in the drama are in the first flush of youth. But is it likely to be any different when they’re older?

Tony Whelpton is now 84, has published five novels in the last five years and is currently working on a sixth! For many years a university lecturer in French language and literature, he became a best-selling author of school and college textbooks in 1979. Now the author of compelling and highly readable novels, he feels he has at last discovered his genuine writing 'voice' and intends to continue as long as he can!




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