Called to be King

By DB Daglish

Action & adventure, General fiction, Historical fiction, Religion & spirituality | eBook

This novel takes the story as outlined in the Old Testament, and attempts to get inside the heart and soul of the one who became a King of Israel - the one mentioned in the lineage of Jesus himself. Why was David so badly treated by his family? Why was he so courageous? Did the stone really kill Goliath? What was his attitude to women and why did he listen to some and not others? What was the dysfunction in his family all about? Why did he make so many mistakes and why did God still love and favor him? This is the first in a series of insightful Biblical novels on various men mentioned in the Bible.

DB lives in New Zealand ( the first to see the new day). He has published 8 books since May 2014 as ebooks. His main focus is Post-Apocalyptic Survival themes at this stage but much more is available including Biblical Fiction, Anthropological Fiction (and an Historical Fiction to be released in 2015). All will be available in paperback by end 2015.


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