A Love Story...How God Pursued Me and Found Me

By Samantha Ryan Chandler

Biography & memoir, Religion & spirituality, General non-fiction

Paperback, eBook

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I write my story from a place where God took my hand and led me down a path. I do not regret the horrors I have experienced, nor do I want to repeat them. I have been profoundly changed by every turn in the road that I did not choose to go down. In this book, I will speak of massive acts of unfairness and perfidy. My writings offer great insight and hope to anyone who has encountered wrongs in life that are out of control—which would truly encompass anyone who has ever taken a breath. To all who have encountered childhood abuse, I give you courage. I pray that all who read this will gain optimism for their own futures. If a skinny girl from Nowhere, Louisiana, with unnerving circumstances and totally stuck on ignorance can rise, then all can rise.
I also wish the reader to know that I did not write this book for you to read. I never dreamed it would be a book. I sat down and wrote to myself. Where were you, God, when my life was crumbling? I had a vast need to look back on my broken life and search out where was God in my time of horror. As I began my writing in small bits of time beginning from my early life, I began to see a thread, a breath of God pursuing me.
My background is life. My qualifications are that I have had more happen to me than Hollywood would ever think to write about. If I had not lived it, I would not believe what I write about. I have been quite poor and only gazed at wealth; I have experienced poverty to the point of wondering where my next meal would come from. This has happened in more than one cycle of my life. I have also lived within the walls of the privileged, having dined with two United States presidents as well as governors in their mansions. I have dined with President Mitterrand at Versailles. I am a voracious reader and cling to self-help books. I have yet to see one written from the “privileged” world spelling out what greed is capable of doing. Having run in the circles of the very wealthy, I have witnessed the destruction of marriages where the wealthy husband does not want to share the revenues of many years of marriage.
I cofounded a not-for-profit children’s ministry that is now international. I have appeared on television, and many newspapers have interviewed me. I have modeled. I have read the Bible eleven times, with fifteen years of Bible study. Nothing prepared me for the life I lived.
Ignorance is fixable; stupidity is terminal. I was ignorant for much of my life. My narrative contains instances of colossal betrayal, distortion of truth, vulnerability, and true love. In this book, I start by recounting the challenges of growing up and being raised by a pagan, abusive Irish mom who dallied with a spirit table. I then chronicle events showing God’s hand in my life, even when I was without a clue as to who He was. It is a journey where He takes me down many paths and then prepares me for the fight of my life after marrying a man with net worth in excess of $100 million and then divorcing him.
I write of seeing an angel three times, of God’s hand holding mine once, and of peering deep into Satan’s eyes, which were filled with fire that was endless in capacity. My book is full of scriptures and God-given promises. God has taken me to the place where if He says it, it is done with the boldness of David. I have become David bold. I pray with his boldness, expecting no less than what is written in scripture. I have often said that if Samantha says it, then negotiation is possible, but when our Lord says He will do it, then it is not a suggestion but fact.
In this book, I tell of many places where God intervened in miraculous ways in His relentless pursuit of me. My book comes with a guarantee that the reader will laugh out loud as well as cry between a verb and a vowel, all coming from the same sentence. You then will feel happy and grateful that you were not chosen to walk in my shoes.



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