By Olga GOA

Romance, True crime


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12 mins


How could I be so stupid? I said to myself when flinging out of Aidan’s office and almost knocking down my colleague. I was shocked to see how my boyfriend crawled under the short skirt of our chef’s secretary with his firm hand and a smug smile.
Never again will I have a relationship at work! I cried to myself as if it was the first time. In fact, I fell into the same trap again and again whenever I am acquainted with men. As a naive little fool, I supposed that if I spent all the time with my boyfriend at work, I would be able to control him 24 hours per day. But somehow all of my “exes” were able to twist me around their little fingers and take up other broads right under my nose. Bastards!
But I was fed up with that! I no longer wanted to be the one that can be held up to ridicule in front of everyone! I just grabbed my bag and darted off. I rushed home, despite the fact that my boss was in the office having another round of negotiations with his business partners. I still felt his reproachful gaze burning my back when I flew out of the office. But honestly, I didn’t give a shit! Anyway, what could I have done if my boss has decided to fire me? I could only admit that I have the black line in my damn life.
The whole evening I was crying like crazy while my ex-boyfriend was calling me incessantly wanting to explain everything to me. What other explanation did I need, if he almost fucked another woman on his desk? I wanted to yell at him, to say nasty things, but as usual, I closed in my shell and didn’t pick up the phone. I was crying hysterically on the couch, thinking that I would go to sleep then and spit on the whole world.
But the sleep didn’t come to me. My head ached. All the pills didn’t have any effect. I had thought I would go mad, sitting locked up in the darkness and looking at the black street from the window of my apartment. What could destiny have in stock for me?
I opened a bottle of bourbon, unaware of how aged it was, and started to drink. I tormented myself with reproaches that I had yet to call Aidan and shoot out the stream of invective that he deserved, but I was too proud to do that.
I decided to go to a local club. I needed to create a cheerful mood for myself.
Having taken a taxi and circling the whole city, soon, I reached a strange nightclub called “Drunken Cherry”. I went out, stepping on the street, being a little drunk and a little happy. I had hiccups; perhaps I have taken in some fresh air and hemming at the fact that I’ve never been into a crowded place in such state, I still headed for the entrance. Then suddenly I lost my footing on my high three inches heels and fell on my bottom on the rough asphalt, cursing all and sundry. My ass was burning from the hard landing on the ground, but still collecting all my efforts, I got up.
Looking at me, the bouncer at the door shook his head slightly, muttering something under his breath. Apparently, he didn’t like drunken women. Neither did I. I scoffed at my reaction due to this fact and went to him. The bouncer blocked the way when I asked him to let me pass. He said that in such state as I was, I could only lie somewhere on the sidelines, and not to go in for a dance. I was about to lower the boom on him and cuss him out to make him sick to hear, but a strong man’s hand gently embraced my shoulder.
“What the fuck?” I cried out, shivering from the man’s grip and still shaking my dark emerald dress off the road dust. “You should beware to let loose your hands... and…”
Then my speech abruptly ended when I lifted my brown eyes at the stranger that still held my elbow. I was ready to sink into the ground. It was my boss. He looked extremely irresistible today. His black trousers perfectly underlined his narrow waist and his tight ass. His white shirt was unbuttoned at the chest, showing its relief and smoothness, and his smile was shining just like a rainbow. His dimples sparkled in the lights of the nightclub; his dark blue eyes were burning all through my crippled soul. Double damn!
Why didn’t I pay any regard for Mr. Kyle Jamieson as a man before? Probably, because I was head over heels in love with this freak called Aidan.
I was wondering, how I would look into his eyes tomorrow? I suppose, he has already decided that I was a drunkard and a loser; the one whom a black cat always crosses her path. The one who will never have a healthy family. The one whom men can only regret to have met and allow to lick her wounds.
I won’t play this game anymore! Now I’m inaccessible.
I didn’t say anything to my boss. I just broke free from his grasp, heading to the bouncer and smiling at him poisonously.
“Let me in right now, you jerk. Why do you want to vent your anger on me, were you roused suddenly from sleep to come and man this entrance?” I growled. Other visitors, watching the scene, were waiting for the verdict of the guard: he either would let me in or would thrust me out.
“Listen, lady I’ll kick you out of this place!” The bouncer became furious, looking at me like his enemy, as thin blue veins appeared on his forehead. His knuckles were white, and his jaw was compressed. I was afraid that he would kill me like a fly now with one blow.
But then Mr. Jamieson came to the bouncer and politely showed him his gold card. I didn’t know its content, but the bouncer changed his face instantly, giving my companion a faint smile.
“Sorry for the mood of my girl,” he murmured, looking at the bouncer and sometimes taking a glance at me. I was silent as a fish and still did not understand what my boss wanted from me.
Why should he lie that I’m his girlfriend? What games does he play?
“She’s just out of spirit today,” he continued quietly. “I steamed her by not coming to our date. Therefore, I want to make amends to her, by taking her to the party. Can you help me?”
The bouncer smiled a little, freely opening the steel door for him and still looking at me like a naughty child.
Without waiting for a response or some instruction either from him or the bouncer, I flew into the club like a bullet, not even looking back. I went to the bar, ordering several portions of vodka for myself.
The band Disclosure feat. Sam Smith with their song “Omen” sounded on the dance floor, forcing young couples to move with the beat of the beautiful music and plunge into the whirl of their ardency. I wanted to join them so much, but first I wished to forget myself.
Swallowing three glasses of vodka at one gulp, I stretched out my arm for the next one, but I was apparently interrupted, as someone has put his hand on my forbidden area—my bare knee. Being angry, I turned around on the leather chair, looking at that young squirt. A guy of about twenty years old was staring at me and was licking his lips, seeing the low neckline of my dress. He was thrusting his hands out, apparently deciding to feel up my big breasts and make sure whether they were real or not. Or perhaps he just wanted to test my feminine strength.
Scarcely I wanted to slap him in his face, as I was grabbed by one more impudent, but a bit older. He was about thirty, just of my age, but it didn’t give him the right to be the master of my body. He abruptly pulled me to the dance floor, seizing my ass and not allowing me to escape. He pressed me against his dick protruding from the jeans and roughly imitated the movements of sex. I couldn’t fight against his strength; I could only rebel. He was like a jackal, sinking his claws in me, as if into his prey, and not letting me get away from him.
Feeling my weakness, I sobbed. I didn’t understand what was happening. No one paid attention to us as if everything was in order on the dance floor. Is it allowed here to touch women when they don’t want it and force them to have sex? Hasn’t anyone been penalized or sanctioned for this?
I was shocked and utterly terrified by that discovery. And suddenly I heard a menacing growl next to my ear.
Holy shit! Is here the battle of males for females? Who could ever think such wild places like this club still existed in the world? It’s horrible.
“Let this woman go! Now! She’s mine,” the man said, standing behind me and certainly wanted to fight for me as well.
I was relieved to hear his voice. It was my boss again.
How did he know that I was on the dance floor? Really, did he spy for me? Such news!
“Is she labeled that you think she’s yours?” The insolent who was keeping me was quick to respond. He didn’t want to let me go just like that. Probably he desired to get me for the evening. “Moreover, everyone here knows what this club is all about and what obtains in it. Fuck off, asshole!” He finished, looking back at me with the gaze that twisted my guts.
What did that goat mean? I felt rummy.
In response, Mr. Jamieson just smiled mischievously, moving his jaw from side to side. His eyes spoke that if this moron didn’t let go his hand off me, it would go hard with him.
“Listen, you idiot!” My boss growled at him angrily, holding my hand not tightly, but even caressingly. “If you don’t leave this woman alone now, I’ll call the security. And they’ll tow you out of the club because you’ve broken a rule.”
“All women that come here become the property of the man for the night. Any member of the club chooses a woman to fuck with, and she cannot refuse since she came here by her own free will. And don’t tell me that I don’t know club rules!” That fagot barked, still not releasing my ass from his hands.
“She’s a newbie here,” Mr. Jamieson stood up for me again without losing an eye to eye contact with that Barbarian, who was still holding me as his slave. “Leave her immediately.”
“If she didn’t know the damn rules, it’s not my fucking problem. She came here; she’s mine. Go eat dirt, man!” The stranger shouted at him, unwilling to let go of me, all the more to give up.
“And how about that, motherfucker?” Mr. Jamieson ground his teeth, showing another plastic card apart from that gold that I saw on the street. The eyes of the Barbarian widened as he read the text, and no more arguing, he instantly let me go.
“Heck! Bullshit!” The stranger cursed again and quickly disappeared out of our sight, dissolving in the dancing crowd which moved to the romantic music.
While they talked to each other, I gathered my wits. The fear increased my adrenaline to the maximum, and the blood surged to my face. I was no longer drunk. I was sober more than ever.
“What was written on your card that made him cast away in no time?” I enquired, adjusting my dress which was still wet from the sweaty hands of that stranger who wanted to fuck me.
“See yourself.” He took the card out his pocket, which frightened that barbarian away, and gave me time to explore it.
As I read the text on the card, my eyes popped out. The content was in black and white:
For tonight miss Violet Fire belongs to Mr. Kyle Jamieson: her body and soul. The parties have entered into their mutual commitments on October 5, 2017, and no one can appeal their decisions. Nobody has the right to influence it; otherwise, he will immediately face expulsion from the club list of “Drunken Cherry.” The parties also cannot refuse each other at the last moment, or each one of them will take full responsibility according to club rules.
I thought. What is this crap? And what kind of rules these are? Why the hell I’m I standing here and reading this heresy? Did he forge documents and wanted to intimidate me now? Or maybe it’s a sect with some dark rituals of sex and my boss became a part of it? That is too much!
“Your little head thinks very quickly for the woman who is already drunk enough today,” my boss snorted, and frankly, I wanted to hit him for this mockery. I didn’t laugh it off.
“Look, Mr. Jamieson. I have no time for your jokes. Okay? Please, take me home, and I swear that no one else would be disturbed.” I spoke to him in a voice that was rough as a result of my much drinking.
“Did you not realize how serious this is?!” My boss pierced me with his eyes as though he wanted to convince me of the reality of this show. But I wasn’t a little girl, bloody hell! We didn’t live in the Middle Ages to follow some ridiculous rules and laws.
Who is he to decide with whom should I be today? And what is this club?
“It’s a prank, right?” I smiled, not needing to play along with him in his madness. “I want to go home.”
“This is not a prank, damn it!” He swore, softly shaking my shoulders. “I didn’t have time to warn you, Violet. This club is not for people like you; it is for the elite. But you didn’t listen, and bounced into the club as a meteor, without asking me anything. And now I’m trying to get you out of shit.”
“And what would happen if I refuse to sleep with you?” I let out a laugh, not realizing why I did it as if my courage appeared after I sobered up and hoped to sort everything out.
Could the courage help me out now if it didn’t help me on the dance floor? Scarcely.
“If you refuse this offer, it will trigger some suspicions by the club’s administration, and the case might take an unexpected turn. We will have to be responsible for these consequences. You read it.”
Listening to him, I increasingly pondered about how to escape from this place like spacey. But my legs just sank into the ground and didn’t go anywhere, as if they knew that it was my best decision since I ended up in this damn club.
“What consequences?” I asked him. “I will be kicked out of the club?”
“If only...” He smiled at me weakly. “They will just get rid of us, that’s all. You have no idea of who comes into this club; all sorts of the upper crust (mostly incorrigible rascals) that’s why everyone is incognito here. Each of us is obliged to keep quiet and obey. This is a private club for the rich; it’s not a club for broken hearts like yours, Violet.” Mr. Jamieson gazed empathy at me as if he knew that Aidan and I broke up. I didn’t like when someone sympathized with me; I could seem weak at this moment.
Of course, I couldn’t hold myself. Tears instantly appeared in the corners of my eyes as I remembered Aidan.
“You wanted to say that we should keep-a-silence about what we had seen here? It reminds me of the movie Stanley Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut”. This situation is idiotically funny.” I frankly admitted, slightly shaking my head and not believing him. I laughed at this situation.
“It’s not funny at all, Violet.” He told me angrily. “I must save both of us. And I think you also want it.”
“So I have to spend the night with you...“ I changed the tense subject, sighing and dropping my eyes down. “And I cannot get away from the club? Is there no exit?”
“Only a night with a man and then you can go wherever you want. Cameras have been mounted everywhere, every of your movement is being tracked down, and you cannot escape. As they say, you’re under the gun. All-powerful persons of this world use female body to relax and get what they want in this club. Rich and middle-income women come here to lose themselves and have fun in return. Nothing more. No romance and deep feelings. Only sex. That is what the club was opened for. You are fortunate that no one knows that you’re not my well-to-do girlfriend, but just a clerk in my office. If they find out that you are not a millionaire, it will turn badly for me, Vai. So let loose yourself. Although, if I’m so unpleasant to you, you can spend the night with someone who held you as a captive on the dance floor or, with someone who groped your bare knee at the bar.” He maliciously snapped, and this led me to a delightful thought.
Oh, is he undoubtedly jealous of me? Holy crap!
“You want to say that all the people here are rich? Even those that were sitting at the bar?” I didn’t even notice that I started to call him by his first name, forgetting about that horrible club.
“Don’t look at their clothing. The clothes are nothing here because the rich are free to choose, both in terms of image and regarding women.”
“I see...” I mumbled, trying not to attract the attention of other men, who were waiting to pounce on me and do what they dreamt about. I almost threw up.
Do these real beasts come here, ready just to satisfy their animal instincts? Although how could I judge them? I didn’t know anything about their lives...
“So what?” He interrupted my thoughts. “Time is getting on, Violet. What do you choose?”
I just swallowed, bravely taking his hand and watching the people all squeegee on the dance floor. All were kissing passionately, pawing intimate places of each other and almost having sex right on the dance floor.
“Okay. Lead me. You know everything here...” I said sarcastically as if it bothered me.
It seemed that something changed in our relationship or maybe I was just jealous of him over all the women whom he served there. Damn it!
“Come on,” Mr. Jamieson nudged me forward, putting one hand on my hip. “Don’t turn around. Everyone is looking at us.”
“Have you laid your hand on my hip on purpose?”
“Yes. And enough chatting, woman!” He cut me off, leading me to pass the dance floor faster. I guessed that it was a part of the game, which we were destined to play together. But how can I play when I would be alone with him? The shiver ran down my spine because of this thought.
Just focus, Vai. Everything is well.
He quickly brought me to the disco hall, and soon we found ourselves in a long dark hallway. Passing by mysterious rooms that were closed with magnet latches, my boss stopped abruptly in the middle of our path. Sliding the plastic card over the white lock of the door decorated with mahogany, he let me go first.
When the door closed behind him, and the light turned on automatically, I have shuddered a bit because of nervousness. The room was too erotic, even for me. There were a lot of pornographic objects and different drawings, to which my heartbeat quickened. I didn’t know what to say to Mr. Jamieson and how to deal with him. I can’t say that it was unpleasant to be together with my boss. But to speak with him in the office—it was one thing, and to be in bed with him—it was quite another.
Will he talk to me after sex, as he did before, or he will just forget this night? I didn’t want to answer this question. I wanted everything to end quickly so that I could return to my apartment.
“What would you like, champagne or wine? Or maybe strawberries with cream?” He asked me, featuring his famous dimples, which all the women in our office buzzed about. Yes. To say that he was cute, would be a half-truth. He was simply stunning. I’m sure any woman in our office would gladly jump into his bed without delay. Only in my heart, there was no joy. Probably, due to the fact, that I was nervous and didn’t know him as a person. I didn’t know him.
“You know that I can make a dessert very pleasant...” he continued his speech, hinting at the other side of the issue and playfully winking at me.
“Oh, Mr. Jamieson... Don’t...” I started backing off from him as he reached over to kiss me on the lips.
Seeing my reaction and my refusal, he instantly frowned.
“We can just lie on the bed Violet if you wish so. But I fear that there is a camera in this room. We couldn’t cop out! Although, I have a feeling that the habitués of the club, as well as the management, understood everything without words. Particularly, because of your behavior. They understood that you’re not a damn member of the club.” He nervously ran his hand through his black hair, not knowing what to do. “Oh, hit or miss! I no longer care what will happen to me... I’ll go and tell them the truth.” Mr. Jamieson waved his hand, intending to leave the room and talk to the president of the club.
Hearing such words from Mr. Jamieson, my reluctance disappeared immediately. I didn’t want him to risk for me. While on the one hand, I was glad that at least someone cared about my life.
I managed to stop his movement before he opened the front door. I stepped forward to him, holding his face with my hands and affectionately kissing him on the lips. I didn’t expect that I could bring myself to this.
His lips were both so soft and sweet that I imagined in the second the scene as he was in the bar and drank sweet liqueur. My fantasy to become this liquor and feel the touch of his tongue shocked me.
Have I been so spoiled? Or I just had a hidden woman inside of myself, missing frenzied caresses and mad sex?
I’ve thought to deny my agreement, but he hugged me around my waist, continuing to suppress me by his height and strength.
At first, his kiss was timid and studying, but it became more demanding and violent, promising me an unearthly pleasure and bliss. His tongue penetrated into my mouth without much resistance on my part, and his hot palms fell on my wide hips, lightly stroking them in a clockwise manner. I was startled by his caresses, and he firmly pushed me to the wall, pressing my hips against his own. I moaned when my chest met with his muscular chest, and our bodies began to burn in a slow fire of our ardor.
I’ve never initiated sex with a man because of my own beliefs and was thankful when Mr. Jamieson assumed to himself the role of a leader. He grabbed my hips and carried me to the bed, warily laying me on a silk bed. In the background I could only hear the song by the singer The Weekend “What You Need”, and I was captured by such strong emotions that I completely forgot about who and where I am.
He slowly began to raise my woolen dress, caressing my hips and moving further up. He sometimes pinched and tickled my snow-white skin, and I just gasped and laughed as if it amused me. I giggled until he reached up to my panties and intentionally touched my mound. My breathing became steep, as his fingers slipped under my black lace panties, searching for my intimate place and starting to excite it even more.
Mr. Jamieson wasn’t ashamed of how swiftly he attacked me with his body. He intensely caressed my clit until my pussy opened its gates and appeared before him in all its nakedness.



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