Cooking 4 One: An introduction to cooking for men who find themselves living alone

By Peter Mulraney

Food & drink, Personal growth

Paperback, eBook

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This is a basic cookbook written with the intention of helping you master feeding yourself, now that you’re the one who has to do the cooking.
There are no intimidating pictures of perfectly prepared meals.
In fact, there is nothing fancy in this book at all.
This cookbook tells you how to cook the meals I discovered I could cook for myself, without having to decipher the secret language of all the fancy cookbooks on the shelf in the kitchen or available in bookstores or online.
When you look inside most cookbooks, the first thing you notice, after the glossy pictures, is that all the recipes (that’s the fancy word for cooking instructions) are for preparing meals for two or more people. Not much help if you only want to cook for yourself, and you haven’t done much of that before.
In this cookbook you’ll find instructions for cooking 4 one.
For convenience, I’ve grouped the meals under the headings of breakfast, lunch and dinner, but you can eat any meal at any sitting. It’s your life. When you’re living alone, if you want to eat a breakfast meal for dinner or vice versa, there’s no-one there to complain or tell you to do otherwise.
Some meals could be listed under more than one heading. I’ve chosen the heading that makes sense to me.
Where possible, I focus on process so that you don’t have to wade through a lot of repetition of the same instructions under different meal headings. For example, I look at pan frying (a process) instead of listing separate instructions for cooking steak, pork, sausages, chicken and fish.
If you’ve never cooked before, take comfort in the knowledge that if you can boil a pan of water on a cooktop, you already have one of the main skills required for success in the kitchen.
You also have a lot of other skills, like being able to read instructions and measure things, that will come in handy. If you’re good at project management, some of those skills can be transferred to the kitchen as well.
The first part of the book covers buying and storing food, and a few other basic instructions I think you’ll find helpful.
Towards the end of the book, I’ve included a chapter on entertaining, for those of you who want to cook a meal to share with friends - after you have the basics under the belt.
When you’ve mastered the basic cooking skills in this book, I encourage you to venture into some of those fancy cookbooks with the glossy pictures - they won’t seem so intimidating once you have an idea of how this cooking thing works.
Disclaimer: I am not a chef or a nutritionist - although plenty of men are. I’m simply a practitioner. At the time of writing, I’ve been cooking for myself for around five years, using the ideas you’ll find in this cookbook.



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