Crystal Resonance - Combining Gemstones, Essential Oils & Flower Essences for Enhanced Well-Being

By Kerry Nelson Selman

Health & well-being, Religion & spirituality, Personal growth, Psychology & philosophy

Paperback, eBook

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Kerry is widely read and has learned much from adversity and the School of Hard Knocks. Her desire to change, to adapt, and to grow, and learn from her mistakes and experiences has brought her to the door a wonderful place.

Through guidance and a bit of push and shove from teachers over the years, Kerry has become a serious seeker and, through her study, has found a way to link valuable resources in a way that complements and synthesizes much of what she has learned. In the past decade, she has studied and completed many courses which I believe have fast-tracked her self-development, use of her skills, and ability to willingly share her knowledge. She has learned the difference between caring about, and caring for, and allowing.  

I felt a yearning for nourishment and a deep inner feeling for nurturing as I was reading Crystal Resonance. I found myself wanting to get started, wanted to try out some of Kerry's combinations. It was as if the book was reaching out and telling me it was time to be at home - time to allow and time to yield; home being the internal inner mystery, far beyond the external, material me.  

Be true to thine own self, there is a buried treasure waiting to be found within. It is time to be. The Alchemist is calling us home. And, at last, she has arrived.  

Margot Deepã Slater (now Margotdeepã Slater-Oliphant)
Creator of Newlife Reiki Seichim
Merimbula NSW


I am so grateful for the store of knowledge and information that has been documented and stored across time and which has facilitated my continual growth and supported my passion for wholeness wellness, and well-being. The information shared in this book is intended to add to the store of information and knowledge, and not intended to dismiss or replace traditional practices and information that have come before.

I have developed the crystal combinations through immersing myself in the process and surrendering to the potentialities that have opened up for me, and I have learned that the synergistic combinations and practices consistently enhance the vibrational frequency of each crystal and therefore facilitate and enrich our connection to Higher Self, Spirit, and All That Is. It is in that space of heightened vibration and connection to the energy of Oneness that we each return to our innate vibrational balance, wellness, and well-being. It feels very joyful and very grounded, light yet earthy; it is a sense of wellness and well-being that I find very balanced, real, and tangible as I go about my day.  

When our chosen daily routine includes the synergistic combinations and practices that bring together these gifts from Mother Earth and Beyond, we step out feeling connected, nurtured, sustained, and safe, wrapped in an aura of sensual comfort with the solidarity of our rock resonating its protection. I am excited at the possibilities and potentialities that may open for you as you explore that which is on offer. I am grateful for the opportunity to share with you that which continues to serve me well, and honoured that you have chosen to share some time exploring Crystal Resonance.



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