Death Song of the Sea: A Celtic Story

By April A. Taylor

Fantasy, Short stories


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...Aileen jolted awake as her heart attempted to escape by beating through her chest cavity.

What in the world?

She strained her ears in search of whatever had woken her in such a harsh manner. Two seconds of silence followed before the strained voice of her father invaded her ears.

“Aileen, come quickly!”

Has something terrible happened?

Her imagination conjured up a wide array of horrible incidents while her feet carried her to the shore. At first, she couldn’t figure out what had her father so flustered, but then her emerald green eyes focused on an object in the distance.

Could it be?

A ship was just about to enter the reef, and it was listing dangerously to the port side. Frustration and curiosity battled for supremacy as she contemplated whether or not there was anything she could do to help the people on board. In most instances, her father believed it was best to discourage visitors. But he wouldn’t turn away a boat in trouble, right?

He preferred that approach, but the two joined forces anyway to compel the water to do their bidding. The denizens of the sea attempted to resist, as always, but they soon sprang into action.

If the boat had merely lost its way, the waves and wind would have conspired to push it away from Aileen’s ancestral home. The rapidly deteriorating condition of the small ship made it clear this wasn’t an option, so the waves pulled it inland with ease.

“Someone’s on the deck, Father! They’re hurt!”

The two jumped on board and narrowly evaded the crumbling wood that had once been a solid deck. Debris had been tossed everywhere, including onto the land, and her father grimaced at the sight of such a mess. These details held little interest for Aileen, though. She stood mesmerized instead... 



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