Forsaken Soul

By Lynn Daniels

Short stories, Magical realism


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2 mins


It was not possible for Oscar to make Hiroma younger. Being the Creator had lots of benefits, but it had some limitations as well. Making someone younger was one of those limitations. While there wasn't a way to make Hiroma younger, there was a way to give him more time. For that, he would have to become immortal. Oscar knew he had that ability, but he never used it before.

There was something deeply personal about turning a mortal to a God. It was something Oscar cherished. He never felt a true bond with anyone, be it through romance, friendship or as a family tie. Oscar was a loner and the mortals in the compound were pawns for his own comfort and entertainment. Occasionally, a few mortals gave him things to think about, but before Xiao and Hiroma, none of them made him truly care about their lives, hopes and dreams.

Becoming a God was permanent. Oscar knew he had to take this decision seriously. Hiroma wouldn't become as powerful as Oscar would initially, but his abilities would surpass that of everyone else in the compound.

Oscar brought the idea to a now 32-year-old Hiroma. The proposition had come at a good time since Hiroma had fallen into a deep depression and often spent his days preoccupied with death. The lack of focus was affecting his work for Oscar, and his time alone was spent confined to a tiny bedroom alone staring vacantly at the walls.

Oscar brought the subject up with Hiroma by asking him how he felt he could honor his father. Hiroma replied that he often thought of returning to that cliff overlooking the waterfall and building a shrine. Oscar then asked Hiroma if he wished he had married. To that, Hiroma despondently replied yes and lamented how he was much too old to take a wife. Finally, Oscar asked Hiroma how he felt if it were still possible to fulfill all of his wishes. Hiroma was dismissive until Oscar grabbed him and used rapid transport to take him back to the cliff.

At the cliff, Oscar's mood changed from concerned to angry. He spouted off how he had grown tired of Hiroma's moody behavior. He told Hiroma the thoughts he had about granting him immortality, but he only wanted to do it if it meant Hiroma promising to have a more positive outlook on life. To emphasize his point, Oscar threatened to kill Hiroma by throwing him over the cliff.

Hiroma walked over to the edge of the cliff and stared into the distance silently. He shed a few tears as he stood there. He finally responded by agreeing to take Oscar's offer and committing to living a happier life. He shared that he believed his father would hate to see the man he had become and he wanted to use the new opportunity to make amends.

Oscar took his power and began the process of elevating Hiroma to a God. He never gave Hiroma a chance to change his mind and because it was his first time implementing the elevation process, he had no way of warning Hiroma about the severe pain and seizures he would suffer through the transition.

Oscar stayed by Hiroma's side while the seizures continued. When they stopped, Oscar took Hiroma back to the compound where he waited for him to emerge from his slumber.

Hundreds of years passed before Hiroma woke up. In that time, the compound was bursting at the seams. There were now more mortals than Oscar knew what to do with and living conditions were declining at a massive rate.

When Hiroma woke up, Oscar urged him to consider forming a homestead somewhere outside of the compound, so he could permanently decrease the number of mortals living in the compound. It was a tall order for Hiroma to fulfill, but he agreed to do it.

Though this appeared to be a daunting task, Oscar was more than willing to guide Hiroma through everything. He was, after all, a brand new God who needed to learn and get used to his abilities. He spent his days constructing his new empire right near the area where the waterfall was located. He spent his nights training with Oscar and transporting mortals to the new settlement as they slept. The settlement became known as the Territory of Xiao Il Doc. This would later be shortened to Il Doc. Hiroma chose the name to honor his father.



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