In Too Deep: Frost Trilogy 2

By Terri George


Paperback, eBook

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1 mins


Nick releases my hand that he’s kept a tight grip of all the way from the car as he lets us into his apartment.

I’ve barely taken two steps inside when the front door is slammed shut and I find myself spun around and pushed up against it.

He presses his body against my back. With one hand maintaining a tight grip on my hip, he moves my hair over my shoulder. I tilt my head to the side to allow him better access as he trails kisses up my neck to my ear.

‘Have I told you how sexy you look in this dress?’

‘No, but if what’s pressing into the small of my back is anything to go by, I’m thinking you approve.’

‘Oh I more than approve,’ Nick grinds his erection against me. ‘You owe me an apology.’

The sudden harsh edge to his tone has me tensing. I gasp as he takes my lobe in his mouth and bites down on the tender flesh.

‘I do?’

‘You got me hard then left me hanging.’ He slides his hand up my inner thigh. ‘I think you should say sorry.’


‘Hmm. That wasn’t very convincing. Try harder.’

Back arching as Nick pushes past the edge of my knickers and parts my already slick flesh, I moan an apology.

He pushes two fingers inside me. ‘Better.’

My body spasms as he rubs over and over my sweet spot. ‘Ah... Nick.’

‘What baby? You want me to stop?’

He huffs a small sound as I clench tighter around his fingers, but then his hand is gone.

What the−? This is no time to be getting your own back.

Nick wraps a strong arm around my waist and lifts me off my feet before transporting me to the living room where he flings me over the back of the sofa, face down in the soft back cushions, my feet dangling inches from the floor.

My dress is pushed up, my knickers off me in seconds and I hear the rasp of his zipper.

He nudges between my legs, the moist tip of his cock skimming my inner thigh before he guides himself in and settles for a moment. ‘Fuck, I’ve wanted to do that all evening,’ he groans as he moves inside me. ‘Christ, you feel so fucking good.’

Bracing my hands on the sofa, I push back against him. He feels pretty good too and I moan with every slow, methodical thrust.

Nick grips my hip as he slides his free hand between my thighs again. ‘Damn it. You shouldn’t have made me wait so long Mia. I can’t last. Come for me.’

He scissors my clit as he thrusts in harder and faster and I come apart; my cries muffled by the cushions as I climax around him.

Driving in a few more times he comes with a harsh growl of my name; spilling his release deep within me.

We stay locked together; Nick resting his forehead between my shoulder blades as he strokes my thigh.

‘Was that sorry enough for you?’ I tease.

Nick’s chest jolts as he laughs. ‘Yes baby. Apology accepted.’



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