Living Through the Glass

By Lynn Daniels

Fantasy, General fiction, Magical realism


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4 mins


For two years, things went as well as could be expected. We had an endless supply of caretakers and anything three toddlers could ever want. But one day, I fell violently ill. At the time, modern medicine did not have a cure for what I had. Most mortals who came down with my illness died, but since I could not die, I ended up being afflicted for 3 years. When it finally passed, The Elders learned that I was paralyzed from the waist down and would never be able to walk.

Incensed and infuriated about being left to now care for an ‘imperfect’ Goddess, Oscar spewed an endless diatribe as to how I was inferior. That before I fell ill, my blonde hair and blue eyes would have been favorable enough to pass off to the mortals as the Divine Infinite one, even over my sisters. He lamented that my permanent incapacitation rendered me utterly useless. He also wasn’t sure I possessed any real power. I never heard him say these things. I never learned he even said these things at all until many years later.

As I got older, I was banished to a room. It was very spacious and decorated with the finest things known to man, but I spent most of that time in bed, looking out of a large window. I spent days, weeks, even months in bed without being moved. I stayed close to my sisters Meredith and Verdell. They shared everything with me and told me everything, but once we reached puberty, it became obvious that they were developing a little bit differently than I was. Physically, we looked the same except for our hair and eye color. Meredith had gorgeous long red hair and gray eyes, while Verdell had black hair and deep, emerald green eyes.

When it came to our powers, my sisters took after The Elders, they could use rapid transport, which is the ability to transport to any place that the user has previously visited in the blink of an eye. They also could use their hands to summon a ball of energy to be hurled at others. To use it on mortals would mean certain death, but to use it on another God or Goddess varies. I could not do these things. I could create a force field to protect myself or to create a barrier preventing others to leave. I also discovered that I possessed the ability to read anyone’s thoughts by touching them and I could separate my soul from my body and use it to take over the body and mind of another person. I called it spirit transfusion. I could also take the energy other Gods used against me to use it against them. In short, I have no real physical powers of my own. All of my powers are passive or manifested within my mind.

I didn’t learn of my abilities right away. Instead, I was faced with realizing what I could not do. While my sisters began learning to hone and control their powers at the age of 14, I continued to lie in repose and remained a spectator. Many days passed where I wanted to be free of my prison and be just like my sisters, but that wasn’t meant to be.

Oscar was not at all pleased that in another way I was inferior to my sisters. He spent many years grousing about my shortcomings. He came to me one night while I was resting. I was about 50 years old at the time. He stood over me with an evil look in his eyes and his fists clenched. He said these exact words to me, “You are an embarrassment to me and everything I stand for. To look into your feeble eyes tells me how much of a failure I am to have spawned something as insignificant as you. I shall put you out of my misery once and for all.”

Oscar then proceeded to place the palm of his hand over my forehead. As he did this, I swatted his hand away and began to pull myself up in a sitting position. Before I could get stable, he reached out and began to violently choke me. Angrily he growled; “I should snap your neck in two. How dare you defy me!” Instead of grabbing his arm to get him to release me, I reached out to put my hands on his head. Instantly, a flood of images rushed into my head. I saw memories of Oscar giving my sisters special tips on how to use and share their powers with him. Then, I saw what looked to be a dream or a fantasy of Oscar taking my sisters’ powers to one-by-one strip the other Elders of their powers and transferring them to him forcing the other Elders to become mortal, so they could be killed.

“You are a monster!”

I began to tremble as Oscar stood before me with a stunned look on his face.

“You can talk.”

“I know what you are trying to do. You are grooming my sisters so you can try to kill the other Elders.”

He nervously laughed, “Ha! You got that from touching my face? You are more delusional than I thought, but humor me. Tell me what I am thinking.” As he grabbed my hand and placed it on his head, my mind was exposed to a flurry of thoughts. Most of them were a jumbled mess, but all indicated that he was contemplating what he would do with me to make sure I stayed quiet.

“You believe me. You are nervous now that I know what you plan to do and you have no idea what to do with me.”

Oscar slowly backed away from me. He looked visibly shaken, and yet his mouth began to curl in anger as if he were ready to lash out at me. He hurled a jet of energy towards me and I quickly flinched to shield myself. I noticed that nothing hit me. He threw another burst of energy at me and again nothing hit me. He came closer to me with the intention of grabbing me and found himself closed off by a barrier. He barked at me, “Release yourself this instant!”


He disappeared in a huff and I began to relax and catch my breath. As I began to close my eyes and ease my body into position to lie down, Oscar appeared before me through rapid transport and grabbed me by my neck. As I tried to grab his arm to get him to release me, he gave me a vicious punch to my face and quickly put a large sack over my body. Before I could free myself, he pulled up the sack and began to tie a rope around my legs, arms and waist so I couldn’t move. He threw me over his shoulder and took me away through rapid transport.

When we arrived at our destination Oscar threw me down on the ground. I was unable to see where I was and I could not free myself from the sack. I began to writhe trying to free my hands but before I could do anything, Oscar shot a powerful burst of energy at me. The energy hit me and sent the sack in flames. While I couldn’t feel the fire on my skin, I could feel the energy crawling through my body and sending me into a painful and strong seizure. I cried out in so much pain as the energy ripped through every inch of my body. It felt as if each one of my veins were carefully being cut open. I don’t know how long I suffered through this pain. I felt it for many days, many months, maybe many years. After the pain subsided, I fell into a deep slumber or a suspended comatose state of temporary death we call sleep mode.



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