My Adventure to the Secret Door

By Vartika Singh

Action & adventure, Fantasy


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2 mins

Intoduction to Amaya

My name is Amaya and I belong to a middle class family. I have a loving sister ‘Prancy’, Pampering dad, all forgiving mother and my best friend, my dog boxer, living in a small but comfortable home on the outskirts of the town “May be we can’t afford one of this kind in the town”. Oblivious of what’s coming next, I was trying to get some attention from Boxer.

It was a calm and cool night. We were expecting some guests. Dad was engrossed in watching somechampionship for biking, his favorite sport, Mom was cooking something really delicious. I could smell it from my room on the first floor. Boxer wasn’t his usual, he was wandering wildly, and I thought he was going to get something good from Mom. I started thinking about the recent movies I had watched:­”The wonderful wizards of Oz, Around the world in eighty days and Adventure of Tom Sawyer” and felt so excited, how Tom had so much fun and had saved someone from impending danger. I wished someday I too may be lucky to experience the kind of adventure that can change my life.

Suddenly I heard the voice from downstairs “Amaya, come down, see who wants to see you”. Uncle Birdy and his daughter Curly were our guests of honor for the night. Prancy was there too. She takes tuition classes from Uncle Birdy. I enjoyed the evening and especially, the ever so delicious cheese topped multi­color vegetarian pasta. After taking wonderful dinner, we went to see them off. Dad wanted to go for a stroll, but the weather wasn’t complying. So we all came back and I went back to my room. Boxer was at the window,his ears erect.

“What is he so alert about?” Anyway, Mom called again from downstairs, “Honey, go to bed, it’s time for you to sleep, otherwise tomorrow you will be late for your school”. “O.k. mom!” I shouted from my room and went to sleep with boxer by my side.

But Boxer refused to sleep. Something fell on the roof. I could hear it, and nevertheless, I decided to sleep.

But then something happened, I was awake the next moment to find myself in a different room and though it resembled my room layout­ everything had vanished, my books, my PC, my closet, and boxer. But there was not a window nor a door except the single front passage blocked by some strange, opaque, gaseous material. I screamed and rushed towards the passage to call dad, but the passage pushed me with such a strong force that I fell on the floor. I was scared. I didn't think that it was possible for me to go downstairs or upstairs and talk to my parents or my sister. I wanted to know what happened to my house and where my parents had gone and how would I find them and most importantly was “Where am I?” and, “How did I get here?” Then suddenly someone called me from the front of the passage. “Who’s there?” I stammered in low voice. “Don’t worry. I am your friend. My name is Paul and I am the army chief of “Mmsl”. What’s that? I wondered. “Magical moon silence land!” He answers with a wide smile. And there appeared this thing or man or I don’t know what ­ a playing card with hands, legs and a face was right in front of me.

I wanted to shout but stopped abruptly when the card said, “Hello Ma'am, the army chief Paul welcomes you." It could talk! He then ordered an air bubble and it enveloped me and lifted me as if I was a feather and took me out through the gaseous barrier.The Opaque gaseous material was just an illusion on the outside. The air bubble then disappeared and a beautiful scenery appeared, it was like a kind of wonderland or something of some sort that I could see in books or movies.

I was excited but came back with the scariest feeling in a jiffy.



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