My Life is My Responsibility: Insights for Conscious Living

By Peter Mulraney

Personal growth, Religion & spirituality

Paperback, eBook

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Conscious living involves being aware of what’s going on in your life and, more importantly, what’s going on in your mind.

How you experience life depends on what you choose to believe.

If you never take the time to examine your beliefs, or to question your assumptions, you end up living unconsciously. When you live unconsciously, you live your life according to somebody else’s beliefs. You end up trying to meet somebody else’s expectations and not your own.

We all inherit beliefs from our family, from the culture we live in, from the schooling we receive, and from the messages we are exposed to in the media.

There is nothing wrong with that. It’s all part of the plan. You have to start somewhere when you arrive on the planet. But, at some point, you’ll be called to move beyond that starting point. A lot of us resist that call. It sounds unsettling, like too much trouble.

Life often gives us quite a shove in our mid-thirties: a mid-life crisis. Some of us pay attention.

What I noticed was a whisper inside that wouldn’t go away. It kept inviting me to look within and stop worrying so much about what was going on in the world around me. Sometimes, it would nudge me to read a book by a particular author, or to listen to someone speak, or to undertake a course of study.

When we get these prompts and do something about them, we begin by exploring voices from within our belief bubble. Having been born into a Catholic family, my early exploration involved studying the works of various Catholic authors, but then something happened and I started reading more widely.

I came across A Course in Miracles and, several years later, The Way of Mastery, both of which encouraged me to examine what I thought was real, and challenged all my beliefs about God and what it meant to be human. Those works started me on the path to accepting responsibility for my life and opened my mind to the possibility that nothing was as I thought or believed it was.

The insights in this book flow from a sense of being aware that you can change the world, but not in the way most of us think about doing that.

Real change happens when you accept that there is only one thing that can be changed: how you choose to see things.

My hope, in sharing these insights, is that they may inspire you to question what you have been told, and to spend a few moments contemplating the possibility that things may not be as you have been led to believe.

This book is an invitation to accept responsibility for your life, and to let others accept responsibility for theirs.

A few words on how the book is structured. It’s not designed to be read from cover to cover in one sitting, and there is no order in which the insights should be contemplated.

Each chapter has:

• an image which holds the text of the insight,

• a discussion or expansion of that insight,

• a ponder point for you to think about, and

• actions for you to consider in relation to the insight.

I recommend that you keep a journal to record your observations and insights as you work your way through the book. You may want to use the companion workbook I designed for that purpose.



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