Paving Paradise (Nothing Less Than Paradise Book One)

By Nerika Parke

Romance, Women's fiction


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3 mins

First Kiss

“What you said earlier,” he said, “about how you feel when you see me, do you really feel like that?”
“Of course! I have eyes.”
“You think I’m handsome?”
Jenny smiled. “I think you are the most gorgeous man I’ve ever seen. Surely you know how good looking you are?”
“I, well, not really, no.”
“A bridesmaid this afternoon came up to me and asked if I was your assistant or your date. When I told her I was your date she asked if it was serious. She said you were, and I quote, ‘all kinds of fine.’”
“What did you say when she asked if it was serious?”
She looked down and smiled in embarrassment. “I’d rather not say.”
“Well, now I have to know,” he said, grinning.
“No,” she protested, “it’s too embarrassing.”
He gazed into her face pleadingly. “Please?”
She sighed and closed her eyes, not wanting to see his reaction. “If you must know, I said we were very serious and deeply in love.” When he made no sound, she opened her eyes to see him watching her, a slight smile on his lips. “Now you think I’m crazy,” she said.
“Not at all. I think you were jealous.” His eyes were shining.
“I wasn’t jealous, I was just trying help you to avoid the embarrassment of having her make a pass at you.” He continued to stare at her. “Okay, maybe I was a tiny bit jealous.” There were a few more seconds of silent staring. “Alright, I was jealous! I couldn’t stand the thought of another woman coming on to you. Happy now?”
He smiled. “Very.”
His eyes were warm as he looked at her, sparkling with the reflected glow of the candles, his skin a deep caramel colour in the low light. He looked so beautiful Jenny couldn’t tear her eyes from him. Her heart beat faster. Unable to hold herself back any longer, she leaned forward, brushing her fingers along his jaw line. He breathed in deeply, his eyes straying to her lips. She didn’t need any more encouragement and leaned in further, moving her face to his. But, abruptly, he pulled back. She sat up, looking away in deep embarrassment. Talk about completely misreading the signs.
“Are you sure?” he said softly.
She looked back at him. “Sure?”
“Yes. About me, I mean. Are you sure you want to be with me? Because you make my heart sing and my blood race and my soul soar and if I kiss you, that will be it, I will be lost. So, I need to know, are you sure?”
Jenny stared at him in amazement. It was the most beautiful thing anyone had ever said to her. She’d had no idea he felt that way about her. She was suddenly nervous. He was so serious about them. Did she feel the same? She knew she was wildly attracted to him. Was that all it was? She thought about how she couldn’t get him out of her mind, wanting to be around him all the time. One glance from him set her heart racing. She loved just talking to him and listening to everything he had to say. He made her incredibly happy. And she wanted to know him, everything about him. What more could she want?
She smiled. “I’m sure.”
She watched happiness blossom in his eyes, lighting them up from within. It was like watching the sun rise in his face. He looked down at her hand in her lap, lifting it and pushing their palms together then interlacing their fingers. The contact felt so intense it made her heart flutter. He turned her hand towards him and kissed the back slowly, his eyes closed and she gasped softly as he made a simple kiss on her hand the most erotic thing she had ever felt. He opened his eyes again and leaned forward, bringing his lips to her forehead. The lingering kiss set her heart pounding and when he moved his face down to hers and his eyes dropped to her lips, she thought she might faint. She could feel his hot breath caressing her skin. Her lips parted, he tilted his head slightly to one side, she closed her eyes. And then warm, soft, exquisite pressure, every nerve ending sparking into life as his lips pressed to hers.
His kiss was soft and tender as he began his exploration of her mouth. The way he captured her lips in his then pulled back, only to move to another area, was intoxicating. She leaned into him, her breathing intensifying. His tongue brushed against her lips and she opened her mouth wider, eagerly entwining her tongue with his. He let go of her hand and wrapped her in his arms, pulling her closer. Her hands were moving of their own accord, pushing into his hair, moving to his neck, holding him against her. She heard a moan and realised it had come from her. He pressed his body into her, pushing her against the back of the sofa, his mouth heavy on hers, his hands clutching her waist.
Suddenly, he pulled away. She opened her eyes, looking up at him as she gasped for breath. He swallowed, and moved back away from her.
“I’m sorry,” he said, breathing heavily, “I meant that to be more gentle and romantic.” He looked down. “Our first kiss and I lose control.”
Jenny was trying to regain her composure. She was having trouble thinking clearly. Her lips tingled with the desire to be joined with his again, her body longing to press against him. It was the most incredible kiss she’d ever had.
“No,” she gulped, “that was... I...” She took a deep breath and tried again. “That was... don’t apologise. That was amazing.” She laughed. “I’m having trouble thinking right now.”
“Really?” She nodded and he grinned. “Kissing you could easily become my favourite thing to do in the world,” he said.
She smiled. “Can we do it again?”
“Heck, yes,” he laughed.



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