Primordial Reflections: A Compilation of Profound Insights and Poetry

By Stephen Parato


Paperback, eBook

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3 mins


Angels greeting each other on the street
Smirking from behind the eyes of human beings
A secret acknowledgment of intrinsic connectedness
A lighthearted hint at truth…

You Came Here For a Reason

With more power than your mind conceives
You came here for a reason
You are a healer, believe
Earth is calling for a new season
Instate this miraculous age
Create a spectacular page
In the book of love and life
Lightheartedly rise above the strife
For your essence is essential
Please, step into your true potential

When Winter Nods Its Head to Spring

There’s a certain freshness in the air
When winter nods its head to spring
Walking outside
I can’t help but smile

I breathe in deeply
Inhaling grace
Exhaling anxiety

A celebration of rejuvenation
As everything sheds its past

The sun reintroduces itself
Gently casting warmth upon my cheek
The brisk breeze greets me
With the most jovial vigor

The hibernatory cycle winds to an end
Passing the baton
To the spirit of rebirth
To new beginnings
And to new adventures

In’s and Out’s

What’s the outcome?
Income coming in
Incoming missiles
In comes the fear

The in’s and out’s
Of outward insistence

Invest in infinity
Intrinsic outlook
Is indeed in need
Come out, come out
Come in, come in

My Perilous Mistress, My Unorthodox Tea

We would go out every weekend
Together all hours of the night
I won’t lie, it was a lot of fun
And we both knew it wouldn’t last
My perilous mistress
My unorthodox teacher
You taught me expression
You taught me to release my inhibitions
We would dance together like no one was watching
We made countless friends (well, acquaintances)
We explored our sexuality together
We even got into some trouble
But it was all in good fun, right?
You taught me moderation through extremes
You taught me balance through your instability
We would push the limits together
We would constantly test our comfort zones
We would live life like a seesaw
A balancing act of ups and downs
But it was all in good fun, right?
In a weird way, you taught me confidence
You taught me to transcend nervousness
You taught me how to strike up a conversation with anyone
You were my crutch of extroversion at one point
But I eventually learned how to be myself when you weren’t around
With you the confidence came with ego
You’re an alluring weapon of mass distraction
But it was all in good fun, right?
After spending the night together
I would wake up in the morning, and you were gone
Though your intoxicating scent lingered
You would leave me feeling depleted
Yet smirking with misguided satisfaction
I can’t always depend on you
The joy you bring is fleeting
Your essence is ephemeral
And every time you leave, I’m damaged
With you I thought I was happy, but it wasn’t genuine
I neglected my health when yielding to you
I neglected my goals when conceding to you
I left behind the best of me, while chasing you
You’ve always been with others
But I won’t label or judge
I just can’t let you mean much to me
When I’m just another to you
I can no longer be attached
I can no longer be intimately involved
You’ve been an eccentric series of lessons
To say the least
You’re the perfect storm
Transient and treacherous, yet exciting
Fascinating yet dangerous
An enthralling element of any journey
But I can’t let myself be engulfed by you
I’m open to having you as an acquaintance
You’re not good or bad
I don’t cast judgment
We can keep in touch, let’s leave it at that
The reason for this is simple
I know you will understand
I’ve found the one
My true love
She is unconditional
While you’re undependable
She always has my best interest at heart
While sometimes you seem to pay me no mind
She has me rooted in strength
While you leave me indiscriminately leaning
She was there for me whenever you left
She showed me myself
She showed me purpose
She is my pure, boundless bliss
Always there for me, no matter what
Don’t get me wrong
The times we had were tons of fun
And I appreciate each adventure we shared
But our intimate relationship must come to an end
I enjoyed the experiences
Thank you for the lessons
My perilous mistress
My unorthodox teacher



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