Ravenswynd Legends

By Sharon Ricklin

Paranormal, Romance

Paperback, eBook

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Chapter 13: From Here to Eternity

…I was suffocating. Fearing what was next, coldness gripped me - my hands and feet grew numb, and I began to twitch and tremble as an icy emptiness enveloped me. A dreadful weakness followed - my body heaved upwards, and I knew my life had begun to ebb away. My heartbeat slowed. The thumping grew dimmer and slower still. And then I heard no sounds at all, no more gurgling noise, no breathing sounds. I felt no pain, fear or angst. A deep, restful, and unforgettable serenity washed over me. My entire being relaxed as though I was floating - no longer a prisoner of this world. One last thing entered my mind, and that was the face of my (name withheld) as he lovingly caressed my cheek. And then my body and my mind became tranquil, void of all thought and care. Everything went absolutely and completely black.
* * *
Within the darkness came a peace I had never felt before. No sounds, no tastes, no feelings, or scents. First, only a dim awareness of myself- my spirit or my soul, my mind or my being, it all felt the same - it was still me. Then, little by little, all of my memories came back. I traced my whole life: from childhood to college, as a movie screen in my mind, I saw everything. And then, (name withheld) came to my mind’s eye. Pure, unfathomable feelings of love flowed over me. I knew he loved me - all of me: my past, my present, and my future. It was undeniably beautiful.
“Drink, my sweet Elizabeth. Drink of my élan vital as I have of yours.” With the sound of his soft whisper came the realization that I was not dead. As he cradled my head in his hand, lifting it with a gentle touch, I became aware of his sweet, spicy scent.
Something pressed up against my lips and all at once a new aroma filled my senses. The warm liquid spilled into my mouth. It was dense and sweet, coating my throat with a velvety smoothness. It warmed my insides immediately and gave me the sensation of being aware, having life, and waking up for the first time after a long, deep sleep. I never knew being alive could feel so incredible, so marvelous. I lifted my hands to his hand, feeling the warmth of his skin as he gripped the goblet. I pulled his hand closer and tipped the cup up, drinking in more and more of his vital essence, his life force...his blood.

Copyright © 2013 Sharon Ricklin Jones



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