Sell More and Better: Eternal Sales Techniques beyond Internet

By Raúl Sánchez Gilo

Business, General non-fiction, Personal growth, Education & teaching

Paperback, eBook

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4 mins


Customer Needs
What is Sell?
What it means to be a Seller?
The Seller of the Future
Fifteen Weaknesses of Sellers
The Seven Virtues of the Seller
About the Product
Is my Product a good, a service or an idea?
I am a different Product, I have Brand
The Product and the Price
A Quality egg
¿What about we kill the Product?
About the Customer
Types of Clients
The Motivations of Customers
Know and Follow up your Customer
But where are the Customers?
I am an Important Client, by rule and without rule
The Satisfied Customer
Customer Loyalty
Author’s Note


If you sell, or want to sell, this book is for you. Do not leave your destiny to chance; discover with this book what is really to sell. You will not regret. The eternal knowledge of how to sell more and better has always been there, and will be there beyond the latest technological changes, fashions, beyond the internet and beyond when it be overtaken by other media, call it virtual reality or artificial intelligence, or whatever the future holds for us, but always, always, the concepts explained here will be valid, since we are human beings, and that is what makes the difference.

Addressed to:

You don’t know why you’re not able to sell more? You don’t know how to build customer loyalty in your business? How to sell better? Do you want to get more and better customers, more profits, and succeed selling? This book answers your questions. Discover what is really Sell, with capital letters:

Eternal and universal concepts, applicable to any field, any industry and at any level, to get what we want most. This book can help anyone —involved or not in selling products or services— to improve their commercial and human nature understanding, to learn or relearn the basics of selling, and to move on from here. But anyway, do not think that this is only the beginning, or the end, but a way, in this case the best of the ways, because it is lighted by the spirit, and by the heart, which we all have.

A book for beginners and professionals:

Whether novices or experts who have taken vices over many years, this book is especially dedicated to: 

Sellers, salespersons, businessmen, technicians, entrepreneurs, exporters, dealers, traders, storekeepers, sales managers, suppliers, distributors, travelers, exhibitors, merchants, general managers, account executives, business owners, negotiators, advisers, agents, representatives, executives, intermediaries, middlemen, consultants, developers, opinion leaders, trainers, marketing experts, coaching experts, motivators, networking experts, e-commerce experts, bloggers, experts in tourism, in human resources, personal shoppers, insurance agents, sponsors, entrepreneurs, start-ups, students of economics and business, marketing, sales or many other careers, and thus a long etcetera.

In fact, the concepts explained here should be studied in any career, since everyone, somehow, have a client-facing facet: engineers, doctors, lawyers, teachers, architects, veterinarians, economists, entrepreneurs, computer experts, pharmacists, telco experts, communicators, designers, politicians, hoteliers, journalists, advertisers, musicians, artists, photographers, translators, public relations, social works, business management, and many others.

In short, this book is aimed at all those who, in one way or another, have a business relationship. The long list, almost comic, is just another way of saying that ultimately affects everyone in the industry and in life, at all levels. It is also dedicated to all those who are looking for an entertaining book, with no magic solutions, which helps to think and is full of concepts and principles to negotiate and sell more and better.

It works, in fact it has always worked, and it will always work:

Selling and trading in an intelligent way is an ancient knowledge, just that today we have complicated it a bit more, with the new technologies, the marketing, the new era, with new ways of working and interacting with customers, with internet, the big data and with a thousand more complications. At the end, to a greater or lesser extent, it will always be essential to know what we already knew, and that we are forgetting with the routine. This book teaches to sell, beyond all these complications, but it is not a bible on sales, because there is no such thing as to answer everything, neither about this nor about any other matter, but you will already discover that by yourself...

We will start telling a story of mystery and ancient secrets.

And finally we will unveil the easy and valuable formula to be successful selling.

Accompanied by our guides, we will make an amazing trip that will catch us, full of principles, ideas, metaphors, double meanings, a lot of humor, and surprising relationships between concepts which will discover us the authentic way to sell more and better.

Among many other things:
• We will analyze the human needs and what means to sell and be a salesman.
• We will enter inside the seller/salesperson to check what the seller of the future will be like.
• We will discover our main weaknesses and strengths, and how to use them in our favor, a trip to ourselves.
• We will immerse ourselves in the secrets of the product, how to get the best out of it, and how to sell ideas.
• From an old grain of rice to the internet, we will find out how to benefit from added values such as the brand.
• We will ‘bull-fight’ the price; we will expose the formula of product value and how to define our value proposition.
• The soul of the sword will catch us, as we reveal the mystery of the egg and how to use the quality to achieve the customer satisfaction.
• We will try to kill the product while going through its life cycle and we will learn how to direct our efforts at each stage.
• We will know better our customer and will discover the best classification.
• We will get drunk, literally, to discover the desires and motivations of customers, how to understand them and influence them.
• We will explore how to manage customer relationship and their follow-up.
• We will visit the old market to understand where customers are, how to identify potential customers and our ideal customer.
• We will be surprised at how to better manage our time and effort, and our results, with Pareto’s rule or without it.
• We will learn to optimize customer satisfaction, so that we do not have to play cards, and we will learn to sell ideas and manage expectations.
• We will arrive at the endless knot to convert each sale in the beginning of the next, with the final formula to get customer loyalty and amply meet their needs.
• We will know the heart of the tiger, and the wheel of life; and we will have fun on the trip.

Go ahead; discover the eternal and exclusive knowledge that is waiting for you ... Success and many sales!



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