Spiriti Demonicia

By Mark Peter Evans


Paperback, Hardback

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Chapter 7

Father Todd awoke with a slight crick in his neck, the wood pressing hard against his head. He lay there for a moment, feeling the sway of the boat before letting out a deep sigh.
“This is as safe and peaceful as it gets I suppose.” Father Todd said with a slight groan in his voice.
“Indeed, danger comes to you Father Todd like an abundant weed.” A little voice said with a sharp laugh.
Father Todd looked over at Canting, whom was sitting on top of a shabby dresser. Canting was swaying with the ship, humming a slight tune to the waves as they heard each barrage the side of their cabin.
“Did they steal anything?” Father Todd asked, his mind still not fully awake to prevent his thoughts becoming words.
“Steal? Why would they steal from those that they can put to the steel? No good sir, the crew of this ship has not one stealing cur.” Canting said while his head made a slightly sickening bobble to the ship.
Father Todd heard his stomach growl as he turned his head away from Canting.
“Oh dear me, I’d hate to think what you can eat here for free.” Canting frowned, scratching his stomach, “Although, the wood of this ship might make for a filling meal.”
Father Todd yanked himself up and held the bedpost to gather his bearings. The sway of the ship increased exponentially as he tried to make a stand.
“You need to wait on your feet a little while before you have your sea-legs. If you don’t wait, you’ll get sea sick until the day you die.” A gruff voice said as Father Todd held his mouth, feeling the vomit rise in his throat.
Father Todd looked up to see who had said it but there was no one at the door. However, he was too pre-occupied with making sure he could put food into a spout that only went one way. A plate slid towards him on the ground, it had a single pickle with an orange on the side.
Father Todd picked up the orange and began to peel away at it. The juice squirted on his fingers and seemed to relax his hands from aching, which threw him off slightly. He was not aware his hands ached.
As he ate the first few pieces of orange, Canting dropped down and looked out the door.
“Ooooh.” He said with a slight awe in his voice, “I would do anything for that map.”
“Is that so?” Said a voice, that came from out of the corner, “It was a blessing from the sea demon herself. Would you still do anything for it?”
Canting jumped and ran to Father Todd’s leg as Captain Inertia came inside the room laughing. He beckoned them both to follow him. Father Todd obeyed, hoping not to endanger his own life by refusing. He turned the door to see a room that had nothing but gridlines, lands, and dials everywhere. There was no floor, ceiling, or walls, just a large map that seemed to move on its own.
“The sea demon gave me this so I could stay on her ocean forever without ever getting lost. It’s ruined a lot of the fun that being Captain was all about. Luckily, this map keeps my crew from deciding that it’s best if I no longer reside as captain.” Captain Inertia said with a smile, “It will disappear if I die for any reason and this thing is valuable. It’s a complete map of whatever world we may be in.”
“Where are we?” Father Todd bluntly asked.
“We are here.” Captain Inertia pointed at what looked like a moving star on the map and then his finger traveled in a straight line to a group of islands, “This is where we are going.”
“What a wonderful map and what’s best is it doesn’t look like a matt.” Canting said as he looked at it, “I have never left my land but I never thought the world would be this grand.”
Captain Inertia bent down and picked the tree goblin up by his hair, “That is really annoying.”
Canting quivered just above the ground, “I can stop but I can’t say my speech won’t…” he struggled not to continue talking but her burst out the last word with a gust of breath, “flop!”
Captain Inertia dropped the goblin on the ground and kicked him out of the room. Father Todd stood there, too stunned at the sudden violence. There was a resounding crash as Canting fell into the wood of the ship.



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