By McKenzi Lake

New adult fiction, Romance

Paperback, eBook

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Chapter Thirty-Two

We enjoyed an incredible meal, but I was close. Jace was relentless throughout dinner. His fingers stroked my inner thigh as the vibrations increased, from pulsing to rolling and finally to a constant hum. Just as I thought I would lose control, they would stop and just when I thought I could relax, the pulsing began again. I could feel the sweat start to break across my skin.
"I need to use the ladies' room."
"Would you like dessert?" he asked.
"Oh, most definitely, Mr. Callahan."
I walked into the ladies' room and braced my hands on the counter. Oh my god. Breathe Lex. Breathe. I turned when I heard the door open and Jace entered and walked toward me.
"You looked like you might need some assistance," he said with a sexy smile. He laid a purple satin pouch on the counter next to me and then backed me against the counter. His hands held my face as our lips met, tongues clashing. He grabbed the zipper on my dress and lowered it all the way down until my dress fell to the floor. With one hand splayed across my back, the other hand cupped my sex.
"Are you there, Lex? Are you dangling on the edge?" he whispered in my ear.
"Yes, Jace," I murmured. "Please."
His fingers parted my folds and he removed the oval object and placed it in the satin pouch. His fingers caressed my skin along my collarbone and down over my erect nipples.
"Does this turn you on, Lex? The thought of someone walking in?"
"Jace, please," I pleaded as he continued to stroke my skin.
“Please what, Lex?”
“Fuck me, please! I don’t care who walks in.”
Jace unbuckled his belt and lowered the zipper of his slacks, pushing them down until his erection sprung free. I couldn’t wait. I grabbed at his shirt and ripped it open. Buttons scattered around the floor of the ladies’ room. His arms wrapped around me, lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist as he placed his thick, hard cock at my core and drove in deep.
My head fell back and my fingernails dug into his shoulders. I felt my muscles tighten and my toes curl.
“I want to hear you scream, Lex,” he said as he thrust in and out keeping up the punishing rhythm.
“Oh my god. Oh my god. Jace,” I screamed as my orgasm ripped through me like a freight train and he thrust deep and screamed my name as he found his release.
I collapsed in his arms and nuzzled my face into his neck. I couldn’t help but giggle.
“What’s so funny?” he laughed.
“Jace. Your shirt. How are we going to leave the restaurant?”
“We’ll leave through the back entrance,” he chuckled as his hand stroked my back.
“What about dessert?”
“Oh, sweetheart. That was dessert.”



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