The Macabre Masterpiece: Repressed Carnage

By Justin Bienvenue (@JustinBienvenue)

Horror, Poetry, Paranormal, Thriller

Paperback, eBook

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3 mins


Edge of Insanity

Dust and ash brush across the room
the smell of brimstone and firewood
the empty space of loneliness
echoes heard throughout the corridor
into a place without an object or being
Feelings of hysteria fill the air
As well as gloom and a deep sense of dread
The dirt blows with a strong wind
It’s as if corruption took place here
And whatever was here still lingers
Stairs are stained, windows broken
Floor boards cracked, doors wide open
The scene is as its depicted to be
complete silence on the edge of insanity

Dead Specimens

Along the walls of a dark alleyway
Within the confines of garbage bins
In the same filthy place they stay
They are the definition of sins

On an old dusty shelf they sit
In glass jars ranging in size
For a better look a candle is lit
Just one gaze upon them widens the eyes

On a wet mossy hill along a cliff
They are scattered upon the ground
No longer moving but still and stiff
And do not offer any type of sound

Dead specimens that slither in the dark
Dead specimens strange scientific anomalies
Dead specimens once nature's creatures
Dead specimens is all they are now...

The Bloodcurdlers

They used to be like you and me
A good ole fashioned family
But one night the man of the house just snapped
Killed his wife, kids, then himself now they’re trapped
In the house to roam and haunt forever
But they are still a family, united together
Their house remains vacant to this day
But you and I both know they decided to stay
And it’s said at 8:15 each and every night
you can hear and witness the gruesome sight
If you peer into the window you’ll see them there
On the couch watching television without a care
But then they all turn, starting bleeding and screaming
Your eyes see it clearly but your still not believing
So if your looking for a new home look no further
Then a house with only a small issue called murder


How I long to taste your aura
As my incisors dance upon your veins
You see there’s no need for horror
As my urge comes and goes in strains

Can’t you feel my longing for you?
That rapture that tastes so sweet
Know my intentions to be true
Become weak and accept defeat

We share a common trait you see
You long for acceptance as do I
Just one taste will be heavenly
And will be more than enough to get by

A man I may not be but your far more a savage
Yet our needs are in reverse
Like a garden that longs to be ravaged
My needs are but a curse

A simple drop just won’t do
Well, at least not any more
My easy sequential days are through
It is why I yearn and explore

I can see your plasma running
Through your body as it calls my name
It will be mine for I am but cunning
Not taking your liquid would be a shame

Let us not let it go to waste
Again all I need is one bite(or two)
Over and done with let us make haste
There’s no need to fight(it won’t do)

Let your inhibitions give way
And let the blood flow through
After it’s done you’ll long to stay
And feel the same lust I feel for you..

The Carnivore Manifesto

Take a bite like you have no other choice
Technically you don’t, so forget that inner voice
You may want to eat and do as they say
Who cares if what your holding is in utter decay

A corroding corpse is laid out on a table
The etiquette of fine dining clearly not present
It doesn’t matter if you’re willing and able
And what you’re eating is foul and unpleasant

Aside from the body there’s other food
Laid out rotten, raw and waiting to be eaten
Do eat up, after all you don’t want to be rude
Even though they treat you like a cretin

Witness if you will the horrendous buffet
You’re sitting at unable to comprehend
Corpses, raw meat and much more on display
You really just want this all to end

These glutenous psychopathic maniacs
Do this a lot more than you might think
But even if you told someone all of the facts
They’d probably suggest you see a shrink

Eat, eat and then eat some more
They’d hate for you to lose weight
But you’ll likely regurgitate all the gore
And that’s the very thing they hate

They just hate when the food goes to waste
So until you finish at the table you shall be
Damned forever because you didn’t like the taste
Oh if only you were gluten free...



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