Time for Truth

By Jesus Villalobos

Religion & spirituality

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Chapter One

Mankind in God’s Image: Christ & the Church

I have hidden the truth like a well-hidden treasure. I have spoken in riddles too hard to explain. I have shown you a mystery you won’t understand, till the appointed time comes when I give you a hand. It’s always been there in front of your eyes, but those who have led you have filled you with lies. It’s time for the truth oh don’t you agree, Put on your ears and listen to Me. Stop listening to men who are not Spirit led, and open your hearts to Him whom you’ve wed.
The Savior of all, whom the Father has loved, whom this world has hated, has pushed and has shoved. I think you’ll agree with God and with me, it’s only the truth which makes the blind see. So gather ye round and see what I’ve found, my doctrine is pure and holy and sound. You may not have heard, you may not have seen, but trust what I say, it’s on God that I lean. Why settle for lies half truths with no couth, the time for lies has ended: it’s time for the truth.
Then God said, “Let Us make mankind in Our image, after Our likeness: and let them rule over the fish of the sea, and the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps upon the earth. So God created mankind in His image, in the image of God created He him; MALE AND FEMALE created He them.”
These Scriptures give us three things we are intended to find with God’s help. The first is the origin of man. The second is the position or authority of man. The third, not so easily found, is the reason for man’s creation. It is this third thing which shall be addressed in this book.
Whether or not you agree with the conclusions drawn in this book, will depend on two major factors; the first, is your ability to understand spiritual matters, the second, is your willingness to allow previous childish thinking to give way to mature understanding in the things of God.
By the time you finish reading this book, your understanding will have been increased to a new level of maturity if you allow yourself to be taught. Let’s take a fresh look at some very old Scriptures okay?
The Word of God is intricate and simple, straight forward and mysterious. God uses puns, play on word techniques, hidden codes based on numbers which are meant to be understood as types and shadows of things to come.
These things are rolled up tightly and neatly within the Scroll of Truth. If we accept that God did not make all mystery easy to understand, we stand a better chance at unraveling certain mysteries meant for the tenacious to understand.

Of these Scriptures Peter the Apostle wrote in 2nd Peter 3:15-16 speaking of the mysteries which Paul the Apostle had written down in his letters to the Church. These Scriptures were said to be hard to understand and many men would wrestle with these Scriptures to their own destruction.
This is speaking not of the Church which cannot be forsaken by God, but of those who would preach things not said by God or would become confused and thereby preach falsehood in God’s name.
While most attribute this to what is called cults today, there is a large number of professing Christians who have fallen into this category, of misinterpreting, or rather, misrepresenting the Word of God.
They preach many things contrary to the words of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, even though they recognize Him as the Son of God. I’ll deal with this issue a little later in this book.
It is for this cause that I will attempt to give the outline for my conclusions in an orderly and easy to understand fashion. At the very least, you will understand how I have come to my conclusions even if you disagree with them. Let’s start at the beginning shall we? It’s as good a place as any and probably the best place to start.
My goal is to bring the reader to full maturity in understanding many difficult passages within the Scriptures. I will attempt to give you the reader the benefit of many hours of study inside of a few hours of reading. This is my goal, this is my wish. God bless you the reader, may He give you His Wisdom.
Elohim is the first word used for God in the Scriptures. It is a plural word. It would not be wrong to interpret this word as meaning “The Gods”. Many cringe at this interpretation fearing that it implies more than one God. This is not the case. This is merely the first mention of the one true God. This is the first hint at the Trinity.
“In the beginning, the Gods created the heavens and the earth. Genesis 1:1.
This then begins our journey as we seek to unravel the picture which God has laid out before us to understand. Your understanding of who God is will be greatly enhanced if we can get you over this first hurdle in the race to find a relatively simple truth hidden in a rather complex matrix.
Let God explain God and you will be quite surprised at what you will find. Please remember that God intends to give us His entire plan for mankind’s creation in these opening passages of Scripture.
God gives us another clue to Himself.
Genesis 1:26; “Let Us make mankind in Our image.”
Once again we see plurality associated with our God. This concurs with the opening Scripture and the use of the word Elohim. But just what is God saying to us? Is He not saying to us since He Himself is speaking in plural form here that His creation of His image must by logical conclusion be dual as well?

God the Father is speaking to someone else other than Himself when He makes this statement concerning creating mankind in their image. The real question is to whom is God the Father talking? If you ask this question to the average leader of today’s Church world, they tell you that God is speaking to His Son Jesus.
This however cannot be the case for one very important reason. This statement about creating mankind in God’s image is not the end of God’s statement. God goes on to say that He intends to give mankind rule over all the earth bound creatures. This statement made by God is not a conditional statement.
Therefore, it cannot be speaking of natural man who is sinful. For God would never give unconditional rule to a sinful creature. Therefore, this unconditional rule which God the Father intended to give was not to natural man, but rather was a prophecy concerning Christ and the Church.
If therefore, this statement concerning giving rule over the earth to mankind was the Father speaking to Jesus, it really does not make sense. Since God is telling this other person that they together give their image dominion. This would mean Jesus was going to create His own image and then give it dominion. This is absurd.
The most logical answer to the mystery of who God was talking too is that God the Father was talking to the Holy Spirit concerning making Christ Jesus and His bride the Church in the image of God the Father and God the Holy Spirit.
We can see this to be true by many Scriptures which tell us that the dominion of the earth is to be handed over to Christ and the saints.
Daniel 7:22 “…and the saints possessed the kingdom (earth)”.
Matthew 25:34 “…Inherit the kingdom prepared for you by My Father from the foundation of the earth.”
The Scriptures declare Jesus to be the image of the invisible God (the Father).Hebrews 1:2. We also see that the Church is called the bride of Christ.
This is the other half of mankind which God said would be made in His image. Therefore, it would behoove us to try to understand the Church makes up the second half of the image of God. If then God was in fact talking to the Holy Spirit when He declared He desired to create His image upon the earth, who constitutes the Holy Spirit’s image?
God gives us the answer.
Genesis 1:27; “So God created mankind in His own image, in the image of God created He him; MALE AND FEMALE created He them.”
This is not as many believe a simple statement telling us that God created both genders. This is an amazing declaration by God Himself telling us that His image is both Male and Female. Any other interpretation would be a blatant misrepresentation of what God Himself has declared in His Devine Word.
God is telling us that Jesus is the image of the Father while the Church is the other half of the image of God which is the female gender. The Church is the image of the Holy Spirit! Why would I say such a thing? Because it needs to be said. The Scriptures prove this statement to be true.
Revelation 1:12 pictures the Church as seven golden candlesticks. Revelation 1:20 confirms this to be true. But the question is why? Why is the Church sevenfold? The answer is given to us.
Revelation 4:5. “…and I saw seven lamps of fire burning before the throne (of God the Father) which are the SEVEN SPIRITS OF GOD (the Holy Spirit).
Do you see it? The Holy Spirit is sevenfold just like the Church. This is the other half of God and the image of this half of God is the Church! So what we see then is that in Genesis 1:26, God the Father was not talking to Jesus. He was holding a conversation with His female gender that created Her own image which we know now as the Church. Jesus is the image of God the Father, while the Church is the image of the sevenfold Holy Spirit. More on this in the next chapter.
Chapter Two

The Sevenfold Holy Spirit and Church



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