By Terri George


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3 mins


Nick must have ordered more food because a waitress appears with two platters. It’s probably not a bad idea. Mia’s already starting to slur her words and I know how Nick hates it when she gets drunk. And Jen... Well the way she knocks it back, some more food to soak up some of the booze she’s had tonight definitely wouldn‘t go amiss.

Nick and Mia join us at the table just as Jen dives in.

‘Ooh fab. I’m starving.’

Any excuse to touch her, I playfully swat her hand away. ‘Hey, save some for the others.’

Jen grins and shoves the canapé in my mouth. ‘Ah, but they’re not here.’

I can’t help the smile that plasters itself on my face as I chew.

Mia reaches for the food. ‘I don’t think we’ll be seeing them again tonight.”

Jen drags her gaze away from me to look at her. ‘Why not?’

‘Last I saw they were getting hot and heavy with those two girls on the dance floor.’

What? I almost choke on my food as I swallow. Luke’s getting it on with another girl? Why the hell would he−? Unless I have read the signals right...

‘About time. Blimey, I thought they were never going to make their move.’

Nick’s brows crease as he looks at Jen. “Err, am I missing something here? Your boyfriend’s hitting on another girl and you’re fine with that?”

My heart pounds in my chest. Please say yes.

Jen nods as she chews the canapé she’s just popped in her mouth, then gives Nick an exasperated look and swallows. “We split up. But we’re still friends, and he and Mark are friends with Mia, so.” She shrugs, reaching for more food.

Nick looks at me and raises his brows, but I just stare back.

I know what he’s thinking, and he’s right. I have to make my move. Tonight.

Mia is off her seat and grabs Nick’s hand before he even has a chance to sit down when he returns from the loos. Waiting All Night has just started playing and she clearly won’t take no for an answer. He laughs and allows her to drag him to the stairs down to the dance floor.

If I’m making my move tonight, there’s no time like the present. And this is the perfect song to do it to. I look at Jen and raise my brows with a sideways tilt of my head.

She narrows her eyes on me, her mouth slowly forming into a smirk. “Okay, why not? I have the feeling you could have some serious moves.”

I lean in closer. “You have no idea.”

She laughs out loud. “Whoa. Big talk big man. C’mon then. Show me what you got. But I’m warning you, it better be good.”

Nick may like to think he’s The Man on the dance floor, but I can hold my own too when I cut lose. And this girl definitely makes me want to cut lose.

“Oh I’m better than good.”

Getting to her feet, Jen grabs my hand and pulls me to mine. And I let her lead the way. I have a feeling she could lead me to all sorts of places.

We make it to the dance floor and I take her in my arms. If we’re doing this, we’re doing it properly, together as one, no space between us. We’re a perfect fit. Just as I knew we would be.

Her body moving in synch with mine to the pounding beat does so many things to me. Stirs emotions in me I’m not sure I’m equipped to deal with. Not just carnal − although if I’m honest that’s top of the list. But then what man wouldn’t be consumed by lust and thinking with his dick with her sexy body pressing against his?

But it’s more than that. Much more. There’s no doubt in my mind I want this girl, but something tells me I could need her too.

And that scares me a little. I’ve been down this road before. I just hope I don’t live to regret it.

Nick and Mia push off about half an hour after we all have cake. As much as he flapped over it, wanting everything to be perfect for her birthday, I knew it wouldn’t be long before he’d be persuading her to go home. He can’t share her with us for long.

It just makes me remember when I brought out Jen’s cake all those months ago. It was after midnight and not technically her birthday anymore and she’d been well on her way to being plastered, but there was something about the look on her face. Yes, she’d been blown away by Nick’s thoughtfulness, but I thought I saw something more than just excitement in her eyes as her gaze moved from the cake to latch onto mine.

Now it’s well past one and Jen’s definitely sloshed. So I’m thinking it’s time we went too.

I snap out a quick text to Ray to flag down a taxi. To tell the truth, just as Nick wants to be alone with Mia, I want to get Jen on her own. And if I’m reading her signals right she wants that too.

Even so, her eyes flare as I take the half full glass of champagne from her and place it on the table. She opens her mouth, presumably to protest, but I shut her down before she can say anything.

I lean in close, looking deep into her eyes and speak quietly so only she can hear. “I think it’s time I take you home, don’t you?”

Her ‘okay’ is little more than a whispered exhale. And the promise it holds rocks me to my core.

I feel a bit bad leaving Mia’s work-mate and her boyfriend on their own, but not bad enough to stay. “We’re off, but please feel free to stay as long as you want. Anything you need, just ask at the bar.”

Sophie and Dominic both smile as they thank me.

Jen sways a little when she gets to her feet.

I wrap my arm around her shoulder to steady her. And my soul sighs as she leans her body into mine and winds her arm around my waist.

She looks up at me and smiles.

And I know. We are right together and meant to be.

Down in the entrance lobby, we collect Jen’s coat from the cloakroom and I help her into it.

The cold air hits us as we exit the club and I feel Jen shiver.

“Taxi’s waiting boss. Good evening was it?” Ray’s smirk now is even bigger than the one he gave me when I got here.

But this time I acknowledge it. With my arm round this girl who I’ve wanted for so long why wouldn’t I? “What do you think?”

I bundle Jen into the waiting cab and give the driver her address before getting in beside her. She snuggles into my side and I tighten my arm around her certain in the knowledge that, now I have her, it would take something of life-changing proportions to ever convince me to let her go.



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