Ubiquitous Aspirations

By Lynn Daniels

Short stories, General fiction, Magical realism


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Oscar wanted a son. He wanted a son that would look just like him. A child he could witness growing up from a boy into a man. A son who could be taught anything and would one day be the undisputed leader of Cerebes. Everyone would love his son. Everyone would respect his son and his son would be the one to bring the world of the Gods together with the world of the mortals and all would live in perfect harmony.

Years ticked by. Hundreds of years passed and those hundreds turned into thousands. Oscar began to get impatient. The dichotomy of the present was not one in which he envisioned. He felt his colleagues were against him. He felt they no longer trusted him. His living daughters did not trust him either. He was paranoid and began to provoke the mortals to pick fights with each other. He would do this by leaving his compound. He would pretend he was just a simple man of simple means. He would travel and preyed on mortals who did not believe in the existence of Gods.

He would tell them things they could understand. Tell them that mortals who believed in Gods wanted to kill them or imprison them. He would tell them that those people would try to scare them and make them sick and refuse to cure them unless they believed in Gods. He would tell any lie he could make up and then complete it by telling them that the source of the propaganda was the sitting mortal leader of their area. He told them that if the leader were killed, it would be proof that Gods do not exist. Mortal leaders believed that they were directly descended from Gods and they could not perish at the hands of a powerless mortal.

Oscar traveled all over the world doing this and inciting the same sort of mistrust and hate that would spawn wars amongst mortals. He was thoroughly entertained by this. He also knew that it would cause his colleagues to spend much of their time trying to intervene to stop the wars and reestablish faith among the mortals.

One could call this way of thinking demonic. One could possibly believe that Oscar was merely a devil in disguise. But if he were to possess an evil mindset, what compelled him to want the world he created to be good? His boredom drove him to evil, but there appeared to be no explanation as to why he would want to be good.

Oscar struggled with this for his entire life. He came into existence as a mystery. He had no guidance and he grew up lonely with no friends, no family and no home. He was simply a being with a blank slate at his fingertips and the ability to bring his dreams into fruition. Oscar’s world came to be as a series of dreams. Dreams he could not explain and dreams he could only fathom. He was the original Divine Infinite God and everything he did transcended space and time. His dreams kept him grounded and he created Cerebes as a way to keep his dreams from eating him alive and causing him to go completely insane.



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