War of Destiny: Pursuit into Darkness

By Theresa Van Spankeren

Paranormal, Fantasy, Hybrid & other, Historical fiction

Paperback, eBook

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I stood in a forest. It was dark out, which didn’t surprise me. A small girl with hair as black as midnight suddenly ran out in front of me. She ran to a fallen log and knelt beside it. She picked up a stack of something on the log and began to play with it.

I turned fully so I could see what she was doing. Yet, try as I might, I couldn’t make out exactly what she was playing with. Knowing I should have been able to, the fact I couldn’t made me quite curious. I walked over and knelt down on the other side of the log. “Good Eve. What are you doing?” I asked gently. The girl only looked about ten years old.

She looked up and I saw she had light gray eyes. She smiled. “I’ve been waiting for you.” She put down what she was playing with and I saw they were cards. Homemade by the looks of it. “I am telling the future,” she answered.

I rearranged the skirt of my dress and laughed. “Isn’t that a strange thing for a girl your age to be doing?” I asked.

The girl didn’t smile. “I am strange,” she said.

I decided to humor her. “All right, you can tell mine.”

“That is why I’m here,” she replied, picking up the cards. She shuffled them and then laid down nine. She paused a second and then turned the first one over. “The Lovers, right side up. You will have love and emotional warmth with someone you know now.” She continued to turn over cards. “The Star right side up. You have bright hopes and expectations. The Chariot, right side up. You have the ability to triumph and command over others. The Wheel of Fortune, reversed. There will be unexpected bad luck. The Hanged Man, right side up. There will be self-sacrifice – someone will be unselfish. The Moon right side up. Deception, false friends, and secret foes are on the horizon.”

I felt a sudden chill. I didn’t like how this reading was turning out. Not at all. I wrapped my arms around myself and nodded for the girl to keep going.

She turned over the next card. “The King of Swords, reversed. There will be an evil and violent man.” The girl turned over the second to last card. “The Knight of Batons, right side up. There will be a departure or painful separation soon.” She paused over the last card.

I suddenly felt as if I had been dropped into the coldest of waters. “Turn it over,” I said.

The girl did so. I stared at the card in transfixed horror. A skeleton stared back, grinning, as it crushed bones. The girl spoke, her voice sounded strange. “The Death card.” She looked up. “Death is waiting for His turn, Julia.”



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