1. Is iAuthor FREE?

Yes. Registration and account-creation are FREE for all: readers, authors and publishers.

For users wishing to significantly expand their reach, we offer a unique book advertising feature called 7dayAds. This premium feature presumes that you've already added a book to iAuthor as part of our FREE offering. Click here to learn more about 7dayAds.

2. Can I add the same book twice?

No. Content duplication inhibits discoverability, so you can't add the same book more than once.

3. Does it matter whether I'm self-published, trade-published or partnership-published?

Not at all! Your route to publication isn't important. iAuthor caters for all ends of the publishing spectrum.

4. My book straddles multiple genres. Can I add it to several categories at once?

Yes, very easily. When you login, go to "Add a book". Near the top of the form, select as many categories as you like. Look for the "Hybrid & other" category. It might be perfect for your book!

5. My book has no ISBN. Can I still add it to iAuthor?

Yes, you can. Your book doesn't need an ISBN to be added to iAuthor.

6. Is iAuthor a publisher? Do you pay royalties?

No, iAuthor is a discovery platform ONLY, so rights and royalties don't enter the equation.

7. Is iAuthor a retailer?

No, iAuthor is a discovery platform ONLY. This means that even if you're using Amazon's KDP Select program, you can still add your book to iAuthor. There's no conflict between the two.

8. I'm uploading an image. What file-formats can I use?

Images on iAuthor must be compatible with JPEG or PNG. GIF files will display as static images, with all animation frozen.

9. My avatar/profile image doesn't look good. What are the preferred dimensions?

To ensure a slick-looking avatar, we recommend using a high-resolution image (JPEG or PNG), which is a perfect square. 200x200 pixels is the ideal size.

10. What are the ideal dimensions for a great-looking theme wallpaper?

To ensure a sharp-looking theme wallpaper (with no graininess), we recommend uploading a high-resolution image (JPEG or PNG), in a landscape orientation. 2800x1600 pixels is the ideal size.

11. How do I add a book to a Theme?

It depends on where the book is sourced from.

If you're adding content from WITHIN iAuthor, simply click the book you wish to add. After opening the relevant book profile, look for the yellow "Add to theme" button below the main book cover. Click this button and "drop" the book into any of the Themes listed in the popup window.

If you're sourcing content from OUTSIDE iAuthor, select the Theme you wish to grow, and look for the "Grow this theme" button in the Theme itself. You'll see a short form. Assign a title, upload an image from your computer, hyperlink your image if you wish, and post a credit. Activate it, and you're done!

12. Why has my Theme been deleted?

To foster a spirit of collaboration and wide-eyed discovery, Themes should be larger groupings, rather than specific to one book or series. Themes promoting a single book, author or series will be deleted without warning, as they defeat the object of Themes on iAuthor.

13. By what criteria does iAuthor handpick books for inclusion in the weekly curated newsletter?

iAuthor's reader-targeted newsletter features 3 books per popular category. Each book links to an existing iAuthor profile, and is selected on the following criteria: number of favourable and credible Amazon reviews; a compelling, well-written blurb; a professional book cover with that all-important "commissioned" feel; impressive engagement stats on iAuthor's analytics dashboard; overall presentation and subjective quality of book sample (if present). Authors and publishers do not pay for inclusion, do not pitch for inclusion, and all future sponsored content in newsletters will be spatially separate and clearly labelled.

14. My video isn't displaying correctly. What should I do?

Look for the "Video Link" field when adding a book. Paste a URL (website link) into this field, ensuring that it points to your exact video page on YouTube, Vimeo or Dailymotion. For Vimeo, please ensure that your video link is prefixed with "http://", not "https://", as the latter might make the embed code invalid.

15. Does iAuthor have a native app for iOS or Android?

Not at present. iAuthor's interface is responsive, so adapts to all screen-sizes and devices. We hope you enjoy iAuthor's user-experience on your device of choice!

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