By Daniel Zellar

Thriller, Horror | Paperback, eBook

Like all 17-year-olds, Molly Porter had never heard of the Filicide Program. She learned its name the day her parents tried to murder her. On that day, every parent in her secluded, North Carolina beach town conspired to kill their own children, and many of Molly’s friends did not survive the night. But what is the Filicide Program? How could an entire community of loving mothers and fathers turn on their own in a day? And why? These questions will haunt Molly as she scrambles to keep her two younger brothers — and herself — safe from the two people she thought would always be on her side. Her mom and dad have "switched," and now they will never stop hunting her. Either she must kill her parents or they will kill her, unless...

Daniel Zellar splits his time between Los Angeles and North Carolina. Drop him a line--it'd be his pleasure to chat with ya. email: Twitter: @DanielZellar




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