From the Fall to the Lifting

By Christopher Stephen Jacobs

Religion & spirituality, Paranormal, Psychology & philosophy | Paperback, Hardback, eBook

I have always been a medium, seeing ghosts my whole life and have also interacted with my guides, the ones I call “The Masters” my whole life as well. I never see anything as impossible anymore, all possibilities and all variations of what could be are very real. Learning love, living, and most of all before the other two can happen, forgiveness. This is my story that is forever continuing with a flow of information. Some may think that I am crazy or somehow desecrating their idea of what they think “God” should be. All I offer is their truth any my truth, nothing more.

I, Christopher Stephen Jacobs have been a writer, a poet, a spiritualist, paranormal investigator, and photographer for as long as I can remember. The things that I once thought were fiction, like characters in fictional stories that I myself created, turned out to be very real and the world that I thought I knew got a whole lot larger.


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