Helen James & Family Feud

By J.J. Maxwell

Action & adventure, Children's | Paperback, eBook

As Helen descends the stairs of the bus, as she arrives home from school she has a blue haze wrap itself around her and takes her out of the bus and up and across the universe but it was not Hyming but his much younger sister Pyling who had come to collect Helen. Pyling told her that Zacred, their leader, had cast Hyming and some of his friends out of the Visitants’ home cloud. It appeared that Zacred feared that Hyming was trying to take over the leadership. It started when Helen was voted in as the 5th ‘Good’, against Zacred’s wishes. It was Helen’s task to mend this broken relationship or the Visitants would cease to function.

JJ Maxwell is the pen name of Bob Looker for writing his children’s science fiction adventure series – Helen James. He was borne in Winchester but grew up in a small village in the South Downs of East Sussex. Having travelled the world, serving his country, he uses these experiences to bring reality to his writing.




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