History of Mardon Castle

By Roby Ward

Fantasy | eBook

The army of Mardon kept its agreement to provide aid to their distant king. While the work to support the recent war did pay handsomely, those of Mardon felt that they had gained a treasure much more valuable than slaves or items of wealth. Though wearied from battle, the army of Mardon came back whispering of going into battle again. Ellish finds himself as the only peaceful warrior upon his journey home. Around him the talk is strong of taking on an ancient struggle that curses his land. Not wanting to fight himself, he is forced to participate in aiding those who seek to free their own land from subjugation, even if it means the destruction of the land itself.

Roby Ward is an independent thinker with a wealth of experiences to draw upon. He has a degree in Physics giving him a strong math/science foundation. He then programmed computers for a number of years and taught school for a few more. When possible, he has traveled. At present he lives in the back woods of north Louisiana where he has some elbow room and no one to bothr as he plans for the next set of fantastic adventures.




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