House of Multiple Nonagons (Nonagon Series Book 5)

By Olive Winterleaf

Comedy & satire, Horror, Hybrid & other, Sci-Fi | Paperback, eBook

"YOUR ARMPITS WILL SWEAT PINE NUTS" - Another sequel to Tales of Nonagon. When strange things meet in a sock, Fluorine Flannel has trouble with a washing machine, Raymond Envelope has trouble with his door number and Footilda Pong has trouble with her oven. Carbon is sent to investigate, in this fifth instalment of the Tales of Nonagon trilogy featuring the paranormal AND the supernatural. What more could one ask? "All the angles are crooked, the shadows are painted on and it's all made out of cardboard." - FLIMSY REVIEW. "The noodles tasted of washing powder. Which is strange because the washing powder tasted of noodles." - TRIPPING VISOR. House of Multiple Nonagons: There's a lot of door numbers in it. *Includes free Spot the Typographical Error game!

From an early age, Olive Winterleaf has been blessed with the ability to mangle the English language. Then, she discovered a microscopic lesion in the shape of a nonagon had lodged under one of her fingernails. A closer inspection revealed that this 'nonagon' harboured a population of biscuit crumbs. This inspired her to write complete nonsense.
~ Currently fighting a legal battle over a flip-flop with her nemesis Olive Wintercoat.


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Olive Winterleaf

Olive Winterleaf

3 September at 14:31

Laboratoire Winterleaf introduces new formula. Never worry about wrinkling your Kindle again! This astonishing compendium of illiterate drivel comes surrounded by a luxury imitation plasticated container via the Amazonian kindling place

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