Izzy's Story: Moving On (Book 2 in The Happiness Club series)

By Sarah Hope

Women's fiction, General fiction | eBook

Follow Izzy as she continues on her rollercoaster journey as a single mum. The marital home is sold and she knows she must start to move on. But can she? She faces practical obstacles such as, who will rent a house to an unemployed single mother to two children? And she faces hurdles of the heart, will she be able to win Matt back? Does she even want to? Does he? Will Izzy come to realise that she is on her own? That what once was her and Matt against the world is now her, just her? Follow her as she dips her toe into the dating game and comes to terms with life in a part-time family.

Sarah Hope, author of 'The Happiness Club' series and 'A Locket of Memories'. I am a recently divorced mum and 'The Happiness Club' books are about Izzy who, too, is going through the breakdown of her marriage. Although Izzy's struggles and triumphs are purely fictitious, I have drawn on my own experiences to hopefully convey the raw fear and happiness felt whilst going through a life changing event.




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