By L.E. Fred

Young adult, Fantasy, Action & adventure | eBook, Audiobook

Devon Alexander is a teenager coping with the reality of his dull life. His life takes a turn as he has his first realistic dream of a spaceship. The next day, Devon watches a news story about inexplicable comas taking place all over the world. His life becomes increasingly interesting as he recognizes victims from his dream. Suspenseful and funny, often at the most inopportune times, "Lucid" throws a cast of characters into a world that they thought could only exist in their dreams. In a sense, they’re right.

L.E. Fred is a perpetual dreamer who writes about worlds both within and without this realm. With a degree in psychology, L.E. Fred tends to get lost in the mind, the greatest adventure of all. L.E. Fred is currently traveling the world, finding more adventures to inspire new tales of dreams and beyond.


K.C. Gray

K.C. Gray

2 July at 15:53

This is a beautiful cover, and the blurb is super-interesting. Added to my wish-list!

Krysten Lindsay Hager

Krysten Lindsay Hager

7 July at 07:59

Love the cover!!!

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