Necrosanguin 3: Boulderclaws

By Cameron Wayne Smith

Action & adventure, Fantasy, Young adult | Paperback, eBook

Necrominus’ power has disappeared, but so too has Caige’s boulderclaws. Despite the peace created, new troubles have emerged from the wake of recent events. Creatures he once viewed as enemies join his side, while those he hoped would protect humanity turn to dark ways, increasing their power. All Caige desires is to reclaim Rocklaar and return its people to the life they once knew, if only his enemies were fond of the idea. Boulderclaws is the third and final instalment of the exciting Necrosanguin series.

Outside of writing, Cameron’s hobbies include travelling to unique places, bush-walking through areas barely touched by man, snorkelling through underwater domains, leaping from perfectly intact planes—with a parachute, of course—and brewing his own beer. He also loves all the geeky fantasy and science fiction stuff you can find in books, games, and on screen.




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