Papua New Guinea: Tales from a Wild Island

By Howard M Beck

Art & photography, Travel, Environment & nature | Hardback

Adventures in a land described as ‘like every place you've never been' see Howard one moment standing on the country’s highest mountains, the next exploring the mysterious world beneath the jungle in search of the planet’s deepest cave. His travels with a ‘tea-towel map’, described with down to earth and often amusing clarity, will have the reader warming to tales of archery contests with wild tribesmen, the discovery of macabre burial sites, sorcery in the dead of night and of being invited to live with a tribe in the land of Laughing Death, where the deceased are exhumed and eaten as a mark of respect. Lavishly illustrated, this is a book to inspire adventurers and travellers alike, whether aspiring or of the armchair variety.

The reader will find in a land of 10,000 tribes an adventurous travel author who doesn't mind the muck and discomfort of wild places, whose culinary bent finds him dining on python, rat, bat, parrot and insect pupae.




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